Serenity and a little Savoir Faire

Savoir Faire Serenity Gardens
Savoir Faire Serenity Gardens

Hybie Mynx is both a fellow SL traveller and blogger; she’s also the proprietor of Savoir Faire Shapes & Poses, located over her homestead region of MiLova.

The ground level of the region forms Serenity Gardens, a lovely landscape where visitors are invited to explore, and which offers ” a majestic hike through forest, caves, waterfalls, rustic, coastal shores and romantic beach areas”, with the land description concluding people may find it “a little eerie, a little enchanted”.

Savoir Faire Serenity Gardens
Savoir Faire Serenity Gardens

Here you’ll find a lush wooded landscape split into two by a rocky gorge, itself spanned by a wooden bridge. On the larger of the two parts of the island, the woodlands are mixed with open areas of grass, and there are a number of points of interest to explore, with pathways winding through the trees, gazebos, a small cottage and, perched on a hill with the gorge on one side and horseshoe falls on the other, a tall wooden lighthouse. This side of the island also has the beach, with a curious sculpture garden perched above, overlooking it.

Savoir Faire Serenity Gardens
Savoir Faire Serenity Gardens

Across the wooden bridge sits the “adult” area of the region – with a sign at the end of the bridge warning you that it is. However, given that the region is G rated, don’t expect things to be overly Adult here; the ToS is still the ToS. However, there are secluded spots here for couples to snuggle-up and enjoy one another’s company, either outdoors or hidden within a cave. Or people can simply wander through the woods, which are lit by floating paper lanterns, enjoying the scenery.

Object return in the region is set to 15 minutes, so if you did want to spread a blanket of your own or pull out a canvas chair and just sit and watch the world go by, you should be able to do so. Just make sure you pick your things up behind you. There are also a number of places scattered through the region which offer places to sit and watch or think – or both.

Savoir Faire Serenity Gardens
Savoir Faire Serenity Gardens

The island was a little busy when I visited, but nothing too excessive, and it made for a pleasant hour’s exploration and picture-snapping.

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