And…. done! (Well, for now at least!)

Home sweet home
Home sweet home

The blog has taken something of a back seat over the weekend as I’ve continued to twiddle with the new house & grounds. I think I now have everything as I want it, although I’ll likely continue to tweak here and there over time.

The house is sorted and furnished, and thanks to the wonders of convex hull, is a grand total of 38 prims (including the fire and stone deck, although excluding furnishings), which I think isn’t bad, considering the dock is 29 prims…

The case you were curious :)
The dock…in case you were curious 🙂

It was the dock which caused me the most problems, as I couldn’t make up my mind as to how I wanted it to look – so I started with a simple affair until I had sorted things out in my head. I’m now pretty pleased with the result, and just about have room for a couple of boats to moor (as long as one of them is little!). I may have to ask Nber to drop by and alter a small part of the land (or allow me the rights to do so) in order to be completely satisfied (and give a bit more room), but things seem to work as they are for the present.

I’ve added moderate lighting to the place – a couple of lights in the house, two on the dock and a couple of exterior lights as well, which will hopefully give some life to the place after dark :).

A little light at night
A little light at night

So that’s now me settled :). Back to blogging it is!


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