A Nordic delight

Binemist is a homestead region developed by Bine Rodenberger which has been designed to give something of a Nordic coastal feel for visitors: high cliffs, a narrow beach, windswept grasslands, and more. There’s a lot to see and do here, and the entire layout of the island makes it a photographer’s delight.


From the arrival point on the west of the island, visitors can wander the beach  (or grab a bike and take ride), crossing a wooden bridge onto grasslands where sits the ruin of an old industrial-looking building. A track lead on around the east side of the island, where sits a small farm in the south-east corner. If you prefer to stay on the beach, there are views out over the sea, past the tall finger of a light house standing just off the coast, or there is the long climb up the wooden spiral steps to the hill tops, and the single stone church sitting high overhead.

Art plays a prominent, if subtle role here, with a piece by Chica Ghost down at the base of the cliffs on the beach, another by Bryn Oh close to the top of the spiral stairway, and other scattered around and waiting to be found.


There’s a teleport system available as well, cunningly disguised as innocent rocks, flower pots, tree stumps and so on. This can be used to get you around the island, out to the light house (or you can grab a rowing boat for this :)) and up to a couple of sky platforms. One of these is a small skybox, the other a garden with a small cabin to one side, both of which are open to the public as well.

One of the things I love about the island is that there is a juxtaposition of elements which offers up a unique look to the island. The beach and grassland, for example present a modern look and feel – the tall light house, the steel-and-concrete ruins, and so one, while up on the hill stands an old stone church speaking of bygone times. Down on the east side of the island is a comfortable-looking farm with electric lights, while just off the coast from it lies the wreck of an ancient Viking longship, its overall condition suggesting that perhaps it hasn’t been there that long at all, but which clearly speaks of an era long past when compared to the electrical conveniences of the farm. It’s an intriguing, almost eclectic mix, and it works really well.


The 30-minute auto return means that those wanting a location for a photo shoot are well served here when it comes to rezzing accessories. In fact, the entire region is a photographer’s dream; views and angles appear wherever one cams, and the island really does offer itself to extensive playing with windlight and camera options.

For those wanting an intimate setting, the region offers plenty of opportunities for sitting and cuddling, with the skybox and sky garden offering a little more privacy than on the ground. Do keep in mind when visiting that the region is Adult rated, however, and some of the pose system do reflect this!


Binemist is definitely one of those places which has to go on any SL’s explorer’s list of destinations. Whatever you’re looking for when exploring Second Life, you’ll find something here that will more than please your eye, and more than likely bring out the creative urges within the SL  photographer, as there really is a lot worth capturing on film here. For those who like a little romance, or who want to simply sit and let the world go by, you find plenty of opportunities for that as well – and to perhaps have a dance or two.

All-in-all, highly recommended.

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4 thoughts on “A Nordic delight

    1. Thanks Bine!

      I really enjoyed looking around and taking shots. Still have a load more to short through & will doubtless be back in the future :). Biminist is a superb visit, and thanks for taking the time with me :).


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