Fantasy Faire: through Fairelands to Ravenshard

Southward I travelled from the great palace and gardens of Magnificat, into the deep summer woods of Fairelands. Here the trees grow tall, and streams and rivers of clear blue water flowed; but no elves dwell among the branches and boughs, for these woods are a hallowed place, where deep in its heart lay a small cliff over which waters tumbles into a clear pool, and into the face of which have many niches been cut, each one containing a candle lit in memory of those loved and lost.

It was to this place I came first, and sat through an evening, watching the candles and remembering, as night drew close around me and I curled myself into my blankets to sleep.

Fantasy Faire - Fairelands: don't forget the Silent Auction
Fantasy Faire – Fairelands Junction: don’t forget the Silent Auction

From here my path turned east, the road easy to follow under the leafy boughs through which sunlight flickered and played. At length I came to the long wall and the place of Silent Auction. How many, I wondered had passed this way before me, pausing to add their bids to the great cause?

Fairelands woods are as wide and deep as those of Evensong, yet even so, it seemed scarcely had I entered them, following path through glade and across stream and river, than I was leaving them behind and entering the strange place people call Ravenshard.

It is not easy for me to find the words to describe such a strange and wondrous place as Ravenshard, for in truth you must witness it yourself to truly understand! Here the Lord of Whimsy and the Lady of Fancy would seem to hold court, and the houses, though made of wood, otherwise defy description such that when you look at some you question which way might be up!


Here the paths are grass and the streams and pools are oft of chocolate and not water and folk of all sizes meet and play  – and even the creatures wear hats, and the plants and trees come in hues of every variety while the air is filled with birdsong and laughter.

Wandering the grassy streets and looking into the stores and houses, watching the tall folk and the little folk, I again felt as a child would feel if loosed into a shop filled with candy and toys: everywhere I wanted to touch, taste, try to a play; such is the heady delights of Ravenshard, the last place I would visit before my long journey brought me to my intended destination.

Fairelands Junction designed by Saiyge Lotus and Ravenshard designed by Mayah Parx

Ravenshard sponsored by:  Epic Toy Factory; featuring: F*cking Ninjas; Epic; United InshCon; Bentham Manor; Fae Fantasy Creations; FuubutsuDou!; kisetsu; Simply Fae; and with themed stores: Lupoaica; Almost Wonderland; Grim Bros.; Stuff Xavian Made; Madpea Productions; .:CoLLisions:.; ~SWAN~;  Feyline Fashions; [europa]

Total raised to date: L$5,710,596 (approx: $22,842 USD).

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