Fantasy Faire: Magnificent Magnificat

From the Crimson Fields, my journey turned south once more, taking me many leagues into warmer climes, across hill and dale the air ever warmer, the skies ever brighter, until at last I came to the gardens and palaces of the Relay Royales, and the magnificence of the place they call Magnificat.

Spanning a broad canal from which barges and dhows sailed to and from the great waters beyond, the palace of Magnificat is a wondrous sight, one flanked on either side by other great buildings, some topped by tall spires, all standing before tended gardens and facing the blue waters of the deep canal.


Here, with my journey more than half complete, I was well-received and given leave to stay as long as I wished. The offer was tempting, for the gardens and pools of Magnifcat present restful delights, and the trade which goes on by day and night in many of the great halls is a marvel to see and partake.

So it was, after many long days of travel, I took some rest, walking in the bright sunlight through the gardens and between tall buildings; I let path and stair lead me where they would, sometimes to the side of the great canal, where I would watch the barges sail forth, their holds laden with goods, sometimes to the passages beneath the great palace buildings and to the cooling pools there.

At night the palaces and grounds would be lit with torches and crystals and entertainments and games would take place; further diversions to cause a traveller to tarry, and the gaiety and laughter from which also did much to heal the tired soul and renew the spirit.


I did not meet the Royales during my stay, although I did see them from afar: tall, fair lords and ladies, surrounded by light and adored by their people. Such was the magic of their realm that if truth be told, I could so easily have stayed many months – perhaps forever – but deep in my heart I knew my destiny was not to remain among marbled halls and dancing to sweet musics. My path lay onwards and southward still, before turning East so I might at last complete my long journey and reach the place which called to me from so far away. And while I knew I would not long regret leaving, I did envy those who would remain at so wonderful a place.

Region designed by: Alia Baroque

Sponsored by:  Fallen Gods Inc; featuring: Evie’s Closet; Lilith’s Den; Living the FantaSea; MacMoragh & Muse; House of Rfyre; Wasabi Pills; and with themed stores: Frippery; Balderdash; Ankle Biter; Yabusaka; Musa; Skinthesis; Sax Shepherd Designs; Decadent Courtesan; Heartistic; Gwen’s Hearth; Forest Feast.

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