Blocksworld – LL’s latest acquistion

LL logoI actually missed this yesterday, despite tending to look-in on LL’s Press Room on a daily basis. I did so yesterday, but Pete Linden must have been waiting until I’d done so before slipping the announcement that LL have acquired Blocksworld in their latest move in the world of “shared creative spaces”

Blocksworld is created by Boldai AB, a team of three programmers who jokingly refer to themselves as being, “From the country that gave you Minecraft and the country next to the country that invented Lego”, and is described as, “A perfect mix of Lego and Minecraft.”

Currently available for the iPad – although the Bodai website suggests there are (or were) plans to port the game to other platforms – Blocksworld allows users to create 3D models of just about anything they can image from a set of defined shapes / tools such as cubes, wedges, rockets, wheels, motors These models – which can be cars, planes, animals, people, spaceships, etc., come alive with realistic physics simulation, and users can play, interact with, or even blow-up their creations.

Commenting on the acquisition, Linden Lab’s CEO, Rod Humble, said, “Blocksworld is a great fit with what we do at Linden Lab,” said Rod Humble, CEO of Linden Lab. “It’s a very user-friendly complement to our portfolio of shared creative spaces. We’re happy to have the Blocksworld team join Linden Lab and are looking forward to bringing Blocksworld to the App Store worldwide soon!”

As with Creatorverse, a key aspect of Blockeworld is the ability for users to share their creations with others to explore, play with, and modify / remix them to make them their own.

Blocksworld looks designed to appeal to the creatively minded of all ages, with an intuitive, easy-to use interface. To promote the product, the team behind it last year produced as couple of video trailers, one of which – the “Honest Trailer” is a slight tongue-in-cheek piece which promotes the product in an imaginative and fun way which perfectly encapsulates the product and fixes it firmly in one’s mind.

…Perhaps LL should let the Boldai team brainstorm how to promote SL?

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8 thoughts on “Blocksworld – LL’s latest acquistion

  1. In fact, i think You’re right: perhaps the Blocksworld team could do a great job at promoting SL. Not sure how they’d deal with griefers and vigilantes, though – that might get them to start tearing their hair out.


    1. Griefing / vigilantism are different subjects to promotion, and need dedicated focus themselves.


      1. Indeed; i must say, however, that they can harm any promotion attempt in the future. The flying penises at Anshe Chung’s PR meeting still haunt SL’s public image.


        1. Second Life: the place where you can throw giant penises at politicians.
          It’s something that might sell, but it would frighten off the targets.


  2. The 100% honest video has a lot going for it, the parts about the game that’s not a game, or is it and motorcycles that don’t corner very well could be applied to a Second Life promo!


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