What the Dickens? An interactive Carol for Christmas!

Incredible to think it is November already, and December is peeping at us over the horizon with the promise of Christmas festivities to come, with the year-end on their coat-tails.

the young Charles Dickens

This year has been the Dickens Bicentenary Year, which has seen celebrations of the life and works of Charles Dickens take place across the UK and around the world.

Commencing in Mid-December, StoryFests SL, in collaboration with their sponsors, Stories Unlimited! (the subscription group for Seanchai library (SL)) and the Community Virtual Library, will be hosting The Dickens Project, an interactive environment for a special presentation of A Christmas Carol.

This will be a special presentation of Dickens’ seasonal classic, and features Voice presentations of that work in whole, part, or adapted (as long as it is true to the original story) beginning December 14th through December 26th. On December 27th, the last day of the Project, the venue will be open to “alternate version” presentations and tributes to the classic.

The event will be hosted on land donated to the project by the Community Virtual Library at their home region of Info Island.

The Dickens Project SL

Currently, the organisers are seeking performers interested in participating in the event, which will be in live and in Voice. Presentations may be solo, duets, or larger groups of voices. StoryFest Events will take care of booking time slots and promoting (though presenters are encouraged to promote through any avenues that have as well). Those interested in participating are requested they contact Caledonia Skytower in-world and via notecard to apply for a presentation slot. Applications should include an outline of the presentation, including preferred dates and times for the presentation to be given (see the provisional schedule below for an outline of the event).

All applications for performance slots must be received no later than the 5th December, 2012.

Provisional Schedule

The project timeline (including actual presentations) is still being developed, and anyone interested in participating / attending should keep an eye on the StoryFests SL website. However, here’s a summary of the proposed activities:

  • Wednesday December 5th: Deadline for Presenter Requests
  • Monday December 10th through Thursday December 13th:  Venue available for presenter preview
  • Friday December 14th: Opening Day
    • Saturday December 15th OR Sunday December 15th: A.R.T. Partnership Presentation (exact date TBA)
    • Monday December 17th, 09:00-21:00 SLT: Celebrate Stave One – A Visit from Marley’s Ghost
    • Tuesday December 18th, 09:00-21:00 SLT: Celebrate Stave Two – Christmas Past
    • Wednesday, December 19th, 09:00-21:00 SLT: Celebrate Stave Three – Christmas Present
    • Thursday, December 20th, 09:00-21:00 SLT:Celebrate Stave Four – Christmas Yet to Come
      Friday, December 21st, 09:00-21:00 SLT: Celebrate Stave Five – Scrooge Awake!*
    • Saturday, December 22nd: TBA
    • Sunday, December 23rd, 16:00 SLT: Caledonia Skytower reads A Christmas Carol Part 1 (90 minutes)
    • Monday December 24th, 16:00 SLT: Caledonia Skytower reads A Christmas Carol Part 2 (90 minutes)
  • Dec 27 – Alternate Versions Day and close.

Any gratuities received during the event will be donated to the Community Virtual Library in SL.