The beauty of a Scribbled Heart

Update August 19th, 2013: Scribbled Hearts has returned to Second Life in its own region. Find out more in my review!

There are many beautiful and inspiring regions throughout Second Life, some of which I’ve explored through the pages of this blog. Thanks to Ziki Questi, I discovered one more recently, which completely captivated me.

Water Reserve is the home of Scribbled Hearts, a collaborative group with a focus on photography, one of whom, Randi Lenroy, is responsible to landscaping the region. There are two small stores to be found here, *. emm { shop }, operated by Snowy Melody and Clementine Ishtari’s Hello, September. However, Water Reserve is not simply a sim-with-stores-and-landscaping.

It is a work of art.

Water Reserve: Scribbled Hearts

From the moment you arrive, it is evident that everything in the region has been put together with considerable thought, artistry and an eye which looks at the world oftentimes through the lens of the camera. Everything is composed to present a stunning array of photo opportunities and a place which can be truly and completely appreciated and savoured. Just make sure you accept the local windlight settings on arrival, as they are very much a part of the region’s beauty and atmosphere.

Water Reserve: Scribbled Hearts

This is a place where you can wander and admire for its simplicity and for its attention to detail. While it may well have been carefully designed, it is nevertheless entirely natural – perhaps the most life-like natural setting I’ve ever seen in Second Life.

I’ve no idea if the region is updated to suit the season, but right now it is autumn at Water Reserve, the sky is lit by a beautiful September sun dipping towards the horizon, the trees are mostly golden brown, with the odd fir-tree standing as a green sentinel, and as you walk under the trees, falling leaves tumble and swirl their way to the ground.

Water Reserve: Scribbled Hearts

There are trails here to be followed, together with wooden walkways, or you can stroll at your leisure – the entire region is open to public visits. Rezzing is allowed (Autoreturn set at two minutes) if you have anything you’d like to use as either a photo prop or as something to sit on somewhere and admire the view.

Water Reserve: Scribbled Hearts

The stores here are small and blend perfectly with their surroundings – so much so that it is easy to miss the fact that they are stores.

I’ve been in a solitary mood of late, preferring to spend much of my time in SL on my own rather than among people, and Water Reserve suits that mood perfectly. Which is not to say it should be only experienced alone; there is much here that demands to be shared with a close friend or two. But it did speak to my prevailing mood and resonate with thoughts and feelings, particularly given the autumnal look and feel to the island and my frequently-changing moods towards Second Life.

Water Reserve: Scribbled Hearts

This is a region which has done more than scribble a message on my heart – it has written it in indelible ink. It will on yours as well.

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