Turning the screw on a one-week project

Staring on Monday 22nd October, Seanchai Library (SL) launch a new project: One Work in One Week. Given the time of year, the chosen piece is Henry James’ classic tale The Turn of the Screw.

First published in 1898, Turn of the Screw is perhaps best described as a “psychological ghost story”. In it, an unnamed narrator listens to a friend reading a manuscript written by a deceased former governess. The manuscript tells the story of how the young governess is hired by a man who has become responsible for his young nephew and niece after the death of their parents. He lives mainly in London and is not interested in raising the children himself. Accepting the post, the governess finds herself drawn into a deepening mystery involving the children, strange spectres and perhaps dark secrets.

Or does she?

Turn of the Screw is not your typical ghost story, it is a complex weaving of narrative, with a certain deliberate ambiguity which suggests more than one meaning behind the tale. Are the apparitions (far from any stereotypical ghosts), actual manifestations or something else? Is the governess a somewhat innocent witness caught-up in matters, or is she perhaps more of a protagonist in the unfolding of the tragic events?

It is this ambiguity which has made The Turn of the Screw a classic tale, dividing critics and readers alike. It has led to it becoming an excellent subject for many adaptations over the years, with films, television programmes, graphic novels, radio plays – even an opera and a ballet – either being based upon it or inspired by it.

The richness of the story, its ambiguity and its many turns makes it an excellent subject for audio presentation by the Seanchai Players, so why not go along and share in the unfolding mystery?

The Turn of the Screw will be performed in Voice at Imagination Island at the following times:

  • Monday 22nd through Thursday 25th October: 19:00 SLT
  • Friday 26th October: 20:00 SLT

Updates will be posted on the Seanchai blog, should you miss an evening.

“Off campus” Seanchai Library Events for the Week

Also this week, the Seanchai players will be presenting two further popular pieces on Sunday 28th October*:

*Updated to reflect latest information from Bear Silvershade of the Seanchai Players.

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6 thoughts on “Turning the screw on a one-week project

    1. Thanks, Bear 🙂

      I’ll update. Was going to drop Caledonia a line about it, then got sidetracked with in-world meetings.

      ETA: going to try my damnedest to make “Arsenic”, particularly having allowed myself to get blogged-down prepping a series of upcoming articles when I should have been at BOOFest. The Turn of the Screw is a tad bit on the last side for me, so may have to follow via the blog updates. Assume these will be audio?


          1. It would be wonderful to have audio recordings available – nothing like the spoken word to bring the story to life :). Appreciate that it is now short notice and not the easiest thing to achieve, but can hope :). Either that or stay up late and shuffle my bum along and listen in person later in the week :).


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