Lumiya 2.3.2: tagging avatars, limiting their rendering, and wearing your outfits

Alina Lyvette has again been beavering away with Lumiya, adding features, fixing bugs and sorting a couple of things out. In this, I feel a little guilty, as one of the things she’s been sorting out is the Outfits folder. I mentioned last time around that there was a slight hitch with it, and Alina immediately started work correcting it, when really she should have been taking a break.

The result is yet another release for Lumiya, this one 2.3.2, which features the following key updates:

  • Avatar tags in 3D view
  • Object dialogs are now displayed as pop-ups
  • Ability to touch attached objects
  • Ability to view textures from inventory
  • Support for subfolders in My Outfits
  • Configurable avatar rendering limit

Avatar Tags in 3D View


This does exactly what it says on the label: displays the name tag over an avatar’s head, using either the avatar’s display name or legacy name.

Group names  are currently not displayed and frankly, when using Lumiya on a small screen, they’re something I can personally get by without; although I suspect Alina is working on adding them!

Note that there is an option on the Settings menu to display either legacy avatar names user names) or Display Names. This will determine whether Display Names or user names are displayed in the 3D world view as well as in chat, etc. Toggling between the two options will immediately switch between displaying other avatars’ user name or Display Names in chat and IM, but may require a re-log in order for the 3D world view to update correctly.

Object Dialogue Pop-ups

Until now, touching a scripted object in the in-world view and handling the menu was a bit of a convoluted affair: touch the object, switch to chat to see the menu, use the menu, swap back to the 3D view.

Well, no more. Touch an object and you’ll get an initial menu, complete with a TOUCH button. Tap that, and the menu for the object will overlay the in-world view, which you can used exactly as you would in a full viewer.

Touching Attachments

Lumiya 2.3.2 brings a new means of touching worn scripted attachments.

To touch one of your own scripted attachments:

  • In the 3D view open the Outfits window (hanger icon)  – note that the text mode shortcut for attachments is no longer available from 2.3.2.
  • Switch to the WEARING tab in the Outfits window (if using Lumiya on a small screen, you may have to tap “My Outfits” to display a menu which will allow you to switch to a list of worn items)
  • Scroll through the list of worn items to the one you wish to touch – it will have a TOUCH button associated with it. Tap this to display the menu
  • When you have finished with the menu, tap the Back button on your device to clear the menu dialogue box.
Touching a scripted attachment on your own avatar

If you wish to touch an attachment worn by another avatar, you can do so in one of two ways: via the 3D world view or via text mode.

In the 3D world view:

  • Long touch the avatar wearing the attachment – aim for the middle of the avatar, not the attachment itself
  • A menu is displayed at the top of the screen, which includes a TOUCH button if the avatar is wearing anything touchable. Tap this to display a list of touchable items the avatar is wearing
  • Tap an item on the list; if it is publicly accessible (or if you’ve been granted access to the attachment by the user), any menu associated with the object should be displayed
  • When you have finished with the menu, tap the Back button on your device to clear the menu dialogue box.

In text mode (requires that the avatar is in the same region as you):

  • Tap on the name of the avatar either in the Chat, Friends or Nearby to open a chat session
  • Tap the Menu button on your device to bring-up menu of options. If the avatar is wearing touchable items, this will display a TOUCH option
  • Tap the TOUCH option to display a list of the avatar’s worn attachments
  • Tap an item on the list; if it is publicly accessible (or if you’ve been granted access to the attachment by the user), any menu associated with the object should be displayed
  • When you have finished with the menu, tap the Back button on your device to clear the menu dialogue box.


  • Most items touched in any of the above ways will display their menu as a pop-up dialogue box (as with a viewer). However, there may be cases when touching one object results in another (usually linked) object responding. If this happens, the pop-up dialogue box is not overlayed on the 3D world view. Instead, the menu buttons are presented in the local chat window. So if a worn item apparently to which you should have access fails to respond, check local chat to see if the buttons are displayed there
  • You may have to rebake your appearance if anything has changed as a result of the touch action (tap the circular arrows button in the Outfit window).

Viewing Textures in Your Inventory

You can now view textures and snapshots in your inventory on Lumiya. Simply open your inventory and navigate to your textures folder or photo album folder (or wherever the texture you wish to view is stored). When you’ve located the texture, tap on in to display it on your screen. When doing so please note that:

  • Lumiya is fetching the texture from the SL servers, and so the request is going to use additional bandwidth
  • The speed with which the texture is displayed will be dependent upon your connection with the SL servers

Any texture displayed on your screen can be zoomed in / out on using the usual device pinch actions. Use the Back button on your device when you’ve finished previewing the texture.

Outfit Subfolder Support

Alina has added subfolder support for Lumiya’s Outfits folder, a feature which was lacking in the 2.3.1 release (and which isn’t overly obvious in the official viewer if you don’t regularly use Outfits). To wear an outfit:

  • In the 3D world view, open the Outfits window (hanger icon)
  • My Oufits should be displayed by default, with a list of all your high-level outfit folders (below left)
  • Tap the folder you require to open it and displays all of the sub-folders it contains (and continue to drill down through your folder arrangement if required) (centre)
  • When you reach the outfit folder you require, open it and tap the WEAR ALL (tick) icon (below, right)
  • The outfit will follow normal viewer behaviour and replace everything you are currently wearing (so be sure your outfit folders include links to hair, eyes, etc., as required)
  • You may have to rebake to update your avatar’s appearance – click the Menu button of your device from within the outfit folder to display a Rebake option and tap that, or click on the  icon at the top of your outfit folders lists.
Changing using My Outfits and the Outfits folder

Avatar Rendering Limit

Avatars are costly to render, and the fact that they tend to be moving can significantly impact Lumiya’s performance as it constantly receives data from the SL servers. To help combat this, Lumiya 2.3.2 limits the number of avatars it will render around you a no more than 5 at a time by default. However, you can also manually adjust this via SETTINGS->AVATAR DRAW LIMIT. Simply tap on the option to open a dialogue which will allow you to set your preferred number of avatars & then tap OK to update Lumiya.


Lumiya 2.3.2 again performed very well on my Galaxy S2 over my local wi-fi connection. Delay was minimal for the most part, and I haven’t suffered a single crash through several hours of logging on and off and trying things out, etc. Outfit changes were a little slow to update, as were texture loads, but given the amount of communications going on, I didn’t expect anything less.

On 3G things were a little different, which may have been down to network traffic as much as anything, but rendering my surroundings (even at minimal draw distance) took somewhat longer than earlier releases, and movement was a lot more stuttered. Outfit changes and texture previews did take a while between them to come up, and rebakes were a little lengthy (although I am still only talking in terms of a handful of seconds). Running Lumiya over my provider’s 3G network for about 7-8 minutes, performing an outfit change, calling-up the menus for 3 attachments and setting options, and then previewing a texture, as well as moving around my house yield a data (according to my O2 monitor app) of 3Mb.


The way Alina keeps packing functionality into Lumiya simply boggles the brain. With this update she again takes a number of significant steps towards Lumiya matching the broad capabilities of a full-blown viewer. Sure, it currently has no build options or render mesh or run specialised APIs such as RLV or RLVa. However, when listing these things, one has to add the word “yet” to the sentence for at least some of them. Further, the list of things Lumiya “doesn’t” do is dwarfed by what it does do, and all this functionality has come over a relatively short period of time.

And on the subject of rendering, one thing the release notes don’t mention is that Alina has also fixed the LOD issue with sculptie rendering, so that complex sculpts render properly once more, rather than appearing pretzelled. I know this is something Alina wasn’t relishing trying to sort out, and the fact that she has, and so quickly, again speaks volumes as to the amount of effort going into Lumiya day in and day out.

Lumiya has been the way-out in front leader when it comes to mobile clients for SL and OpenSim, and this release increases its status as a thoroughbred “lightweight” client which really packs a punch.

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10 thoughts on “Lumiya 2.3.2: tagging avatars, limiting their rendering, and wearing your outfits

  1. Heck, I didn’t even know the Outfits folder could have sub-folders, other than the different outfits…

    I’m impressed by Lumiya, but I don’t have a tablet that’s really adequate for it. Ho hum.


    1. You’re not alone in this – many people aren’t aware it is possible. To of my favourite desginers provide outfits with lots of options to create a lot of looks – but do so on a NO COPY basis, so I find this one are where My Outfits works.

      Turning to Lumiya, it really is an amazing piece of software. I run it on my Galaxy S2 and am constantly amazed at how good it looks and what I can do with it.


  2. Oh how I wish Lumiya was available for my Kindle Fire!!!!!!!!! I cant use the Tootle Play store with the Fire


    1. Root and ROM your Kindle Fire to Android 4 ICS (CM9), and you’ll see just how fast it really is, and you can use Google Play that way.


  3. It was quite pleasant to find out i could access SL with my new Asus Transformer using this app; i do find myself wishing mesh was more widely supported, however something is better than nothing. In particular, the fact that this viewer is being actively developed is a good sign and a strong message to LL that this is exactly the thing that is needed in light of the fact that so many people are adopting tablet devices. It is a shame that complimentary apps on the iOS side have not been updated for quite some time.


    1. Alina is continuing to work on Lumiya and enhance it. Whether this will including the ability to render mesh, I’ve no idea – but simply because I don’t want to put words in her mouth either way.

      As far as iOS is concerned, Lumiya may offer some surprises down the road in 2013 – although the emphasis here will be that if it does, it’ll be a *long* was down the road, as the focus very much remains on Android development.


  4. Wow. about the only thing I haven’t been able to do is interact with a pose ball so I can dance with my guy. I can call the couple’s set,, but I can’t select a poseball. would be wonderful cause we have such a time difference and grabbing a dance on my lunch hour would be amazing!
    thank you so much! at least I can see and all other sorts of things!


    1. try zooming as best u can ON the poseball and sitting on it… you can select poseballs as thier rezzed just give the program time to update surrounding objects


  5. i use it on a generic prepay smartphone… its not great but wow the functionality! i imagine if i were running a good phone instead of a crap cheap one, it would be amazing, more so than it is already! its about time someone thinks to extend SL mobile past crappy chat only garbage…. if i wanted to IM and only chat id use skype… plain and simple,


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