SL snaps and Flickr housekeeping

I don’t pretend to be a great SL photographer, but I do like to capture images of the places I visit and blog about – usually producing a slideshow on Flickr for those interested in my Destination articles.

Up until now, I’ve tended to simply drop my Flickr uploads into sets, one per event / location, as a rule, and leave things at that. However, as I had some time on my hands recently, I took the opportunity to finally organize things into collections, which I hope will make browsing my efforts easier.

I’ve create five “high level” collections so far, and there may be more to come. These are:

  • SL Destinations – which comprises the  sets of images of all the SL Destinations I’ve visited and blogged upon over the past few years, arranged into a series of sub-collections
  • SL Art Events and Installations – sets of images taken at various art events I’ve been able to preview
  • My Second Life – sets of a personal nature, such as Fallingwater images & my looks over the years
  • Space and Astronomy – image collections which have gone with some of my space & astronomy reports.

While I’m nowhere near the calibre of some, photography wise (I’m useless with PhotoShop and the like, as I’ve mentioned before) and so am reliant on whatever the viewer has to offer in order to capture my pictures, I’ve also created a little set of what I regard as my personal favourites – one that will probably grow whenever vanity grabs me, and which I hope you enjoy. Please use the full screen mode and click Show Info if you want the specifics of each image in the set.

(Or click here to go directly to the full screen display)

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