Patterns now available to pre-order

Update, October 9th, 2014: Linden Lab announced that development work on Patterns has been discontinued.

Update, 24th Sept: Linden Lab are now e-mailing those who have signed-up to the new product beta programme with news that Patterns is available to pre-order. Received my e-mail this evening!

Linden Research has announced the pre-release “Genesis” version of Patterns is now available to pre-order, and will ship “on or prior to” October 5th. The cost for the initial release is $9.95 (£6.32), and payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.

Pattens: Pre-order now (image courtesy of Linden Research Inc.)

The Genesis release is available for Windows and Mac OS, and has the following specifications:


  • XP SP2 or later
  • 2GB of memory
  • 250MB free disk space
  • Any 3D graphics card with minimum 128 Video RAM and pixel shader 3.0 support


  • Mac OS X: Intel CPU & “Snow Leopard” 10.6 or later
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz (2 CPUs)
  • 2GB of memory
  • 250MB free disk space
  • Any 3D graphics card with minimum 128 Video RAM and pixel shader 3.0 support

The specification page notes that: “Patterns is a 3D intensive experience. By adjusting the quality settings we provide some flexibility to accommodate the performance experience based on your needs.”

Version 0.0.1 feature list – Genesis

  • Build with over 20 Unique geometric shapes.
  • A hand crafted world of substances and shapes.
  • Explore, discover and bust apart a world in a pure sandbox environment.
  • Shaping Stone workbench that enables you to craft and discover shapes.
  • 8 collectible substances.
    • Clay
    • Bonestone
    • Starene
    • Nak
    • Limewood
    • Coralwood
    • Jasper
    • Gypsum
  • Emergent objects that explode or roll.
  • Simulated physics, gravity and tensile strength that plays upon substances and your creations.
  • 3 Save slots.
  • Building tools that include shape repeating and shape rotation.
  • Two camera modes for building and exploring.
  • A controllable character with Run, Jump and Walk capabilities.
  • 3 different quality settings to accommodate a variety of system specs.
  • Full screen and windowed mode support.
  • Windows and Mac version.
  • Public access to bug reporting.

Those purchasing the Genesis version, “Are entitled to have your name featured in the credits of the game in version 1.0.”


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