Linden Lab launch a land sale

This weekend, Linden Lab are running a Land sale for both full and Homestead regions.

Case submissions received between 12:01 SLT today, Friday 21st October 2011 and 23:59 SLT on Sunday, 23rd October, and which are approved will have their associated set-up fees waived.

This means someone wishing to have a full private region will gain a saving of $705 (+VAT in Europe) and someone wanting to have a Homestead region (subject to them already owning a full region) will save $280 (+VAT in Europe).

But how attractive is the offer likely to be?

The full details of the promotion are available on the offer announcement page and on the promotional wiki page. This latter page also includes instructions on how to apply for a region as well.

Key points in the offer are:

  • To be eligible for the promotion, applicants must:
    • Have a valid method of payment on file when placing an order
    • Follow LL’s Island Naming Guidelines
    • Place their orders between 12:01 SLT on Friday 21st October 2011 and 23:59 on Sunday 23rd October 2011; orders received outside of these times will not be processed
    • Pay all associated tier as part of the monthly billing cycle, together with any VAT required, with the first payment due on taking delivery of the sim (normally combined with the set-up fee)
  • Developed (themed) islands are not part of the promotional offer
  • In the case of Homestead order, you must own at least one full private island sim
  • The offer cannot be combined with any other LL promotional offer.

All common starting terrains are available as part of the offer. Regions should be delivered within 24 hours of order acceptance.

It’s going to be interesting to see the response to the offer – if only for bloggers elsewhere. Much ado has been made about SL’s impending demise as a result of a declining private region count on several fronts, so doubtless there will be some out there who will paint this as a move to try to reverse the slide (something I don’t actually agree with – were it so, one would think the offer would be extended over a slightly longer period).

It’ll also be interesting to see, overall, how much impact this offer has for those who already have significant sim holdings in SL, and to whom this offer is likely to have something of a greater appeal – especially where Homesteads are concerned. How much appeal it has to the private individual within SL, however, is still questionable. The problem with land “ownership” in SL isn’t so much the set-up fee (although that obviously hurts), it’s the tremendously high tier fees.

However, whether Linden Lab release figures related to this offer is questionable; it’s likely the answer will only come in time via Tyche Shepherd’s monthly Grid Survey.

For more information on land ownership in general see the following LL knowledge base articles:

13 thoughts on “Linden Lab launch a land sale

    1. TY – now fixed. Not sure what happened as that was a right-click “copy lick location” from the link on the LL announcement! Good old Firefox / Windows!


  1. you know, for over 12 months now I’ve wanted a region and a couple of homesteads to expand and haven’t done it because of the set up costs.

    Now it’s too late. In late august they changed inworld search and it adversely impacted me. earlier this month they changed the marketplace search and it adversely impacted me. This week they’ve deployed some code that has meant a flurry of customer service requests as items misbehave and to top it all off they trashed my shop for a second time yesterday when they cocked up the megaprim removal.

    I’d be crazy to invest any more time on the platform, let alone pay them yet more money for the privilege of being treated in such a way. It will be interesting to see how many take them up on the offer though. If LL weren’t so crap I certainly would have jumped at it.


    1. I think a lot of people are liablte to be feeling the say way for the reasons you cite & given the recent headaches given to many as a result of recent LSL code breakages. It’s potentially a tough sale.


    1. And preferably without upsetting the boat in the process. Tier is the key, but as you’ve pointed out yourself, adjusting things presents LL with something of a conundrum. However, the longer LL ignore it (assuming they are, and I actually have some doubts that that is the case), the harder it is going to be to face up to the issue down the road.


  2. For me it really isnt about the setup fee. Especially when you can get a region inworld for a fraction of the LL price.. Its the 295 $ (+ VAT in Europe) each month. For that price I can get approx 5 regions more in InWorldz.
    Thing is this: Would you buy a car if dealer came to you and told you you could get it with no upfront payment. Sure …. ok so what if you knew that the car only starts sometimes? That you risk all kinds of issues inclueding privacy spy gadgets, that the car will only work if you have to go out and push it? Note you still have to pay the “lease” price each month even if the damn thing is broken half the time.
    For the life of me I still do not get why ppl keep paying this insane price each month. The Jira grows longer and longer while LL ignores it and pushes some nice paint work out for you to pain the “car” in pretty colours or give you a new horn sound.
    We have been telling LL this for years and I for one dont wanna bother anymore with LL. They refuse to listen and thinks they can lour ppl into their little web. Maybe they can get new ppl to bite .. the old ones? Nah, as CouldBe said ” not interested”
    And I havent even touched on the land mass and the massiv amounts of available land in SL at the moment. Yea more regions will help *shakes head*


    1. Lady Sakai/Alexandra (@LadySakai) on October 21, 2011 at 19:36 said:.
      “Thing is this: Would you buy a car if dealer came to you and told you you could get it with no upfront payment. Sure …. ok so what if you knew that the car only starts sometimes? That you risk all kinds of issues inclueding privacy spy gadgets, that the car will only work if you have to go out and push it? Note you still have to pay the “lease” price each month even if the damn thing is broken half the time.
      For the life of me I still do not get why ppl keep paying this insane price each month”
      you’ve obviously never owned an MG! lol. I have and that probably explains why I gave LL the benefit of the doubt for longer than I should have.
      you’ve month.


    2. It is cheaper to get a region elsewhere, yes, but the fact remains that the vast majority of people are still primarily active in Second Life – and people tend to want to stay where the majority of their friends are. Plus people have invested hundreds (some might go so far as to claim thousands) of USD in their inventories, and thus are unwilling to let go of this investment and move elsewhere. Linden Lab may be cursed as a devil at times – but it is a devil people know. Thus, LL do have something of a cushion.

      The question here, obviously, is that while LL do enjoy something of a cushion at the moment, how long will this remain the case? At some point, external influences (as well as other issues) will start to make their presence felt; but it is still going to be a while before they do. This gives LL breathing space to consider their case. And that’s potentially a good thing for other environments. Were LL to suddenly find the means to substantially drop their tier without massive disruption to their revenue streams, the chances are those wthat would be hit hardest are the other SL-like walled gardens.


      1. I think you’re forgetting that a lot of people move because they simply don’t like how LL behave. Certainly I started looking at all the other viable vws early last year for that reason. Even if they had dropped tier or the set up fee I would still have looked because LL are too hard a company to deal with. It’s not always about the money.

        If LL does drop tier, some may come back but the other vw’s are niche and people have homes and lives there and I gather not everyone in those vw’s come from sl – some are actually new to vw’s.

        In the end I suspect it’s moot. I don’t know if dropping tier is going to be the magic wand to end what is beginning to look like the circling of the drain.


        1. People may well not like how LL behaves, many complain, many only see the negative – yet they’re still *actively engaged in SL*, in spite of apparently friendlier (and certainly cheaper) options emerging elsewhere. Why? Because when you ask them (something I frequently do) the two answers most often forthcoming are, “Because this is where my friends are”, and “My inventory”.

          As a “casual” user (i.e. one who does not run a VW business *as* a business), I have a presence in IW (have done since April 2010) and one in Avination. But I haven’t “moved”. The core of my activities take place in SL. Why? Well, um, because this is where my friends are.

          Do people “move”? Well, that in itself is an interesting question. Have you in fact “moved”? You may have *diversified* elsewhere – a lot of businesses have; but that’s not the same. Let’s be honest here, as attractive as they may be tier-wise, those platforms that offer an alternative to SL for virtual business are still in the “trail” phase and have yet – with respect to them – to reach a critical mass of users than makes an outright departure from SL really viable for most content creators who are trying them out.

          Of course, various groups have up and left SL; that can’t be denied. Elf Clan has moved elswhere; Rezzible have move to their own grid, etc. But I think it fair to say that they are still the exception rather than the rule at the moment.

          I also am aware that people go directly to other VWs, rather than hitting SL first – but again, the numbers are currently marginal compared to those who *do* hit SL first. Why is this? Because at present LL have much more marketing muscle; they have the advertising reach and they have “brand status”. We may sneer at it, the tabloids may present it in terms of titilation – but it still attracts people to the tune of around 16K a day.

          Obviously, we have *no* idea how many of those sign-ups are retained as users who actively engage in the platform – and that’s the telling point. However, it is also one that LL have shown they are aware of, and are seeking to remedy by making it faster and easier for people to transition from “a new sign-up” to “someone actively engaged in the economy” – and this is a worthwhile effort. Those that start to put their cash into the platform are more likely to stick around than those who don’t.

          Again, none of the above will always remain the case. Alternatives to SL *are* on the rise, and LL would be idiotic to ignore them. I just don’t believe the tipping point has yet been reached. As such, LL do have something of a “cushion period” in which they can address issues and structure their longer-term strategy without the need to suddenly start making “drastic” and “radical” changes the way some commentators are advocating.

          Of course, if we’re having this conversation 12 months hence, then I think it fair to say my views on the matter are liable to be somewhat different – and more fool LL for creating the situation wherein the conversation remains unchanged. 🙂


  3. you know…. something occurred to me while reading your post … what if the new push for land owners did bring in enough new sims to defray the impact of a lower monthly tier? Yes. crazy thought.


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