“Login 2 Life” to be streamed for a week

Note: I have now posted a review on Login2Life following the streaming by ZDF.

Login2life premiers on German television at midnight CET on the 17th October, and will be streamed via the broadcaster’s – ZDF – website for one week following the premier.

Commenting on the decision to stream the film for a week, Draxtor Despres, who both wrote the music for the film and attended a talk about the film at Nonprofit Commons on  Friday 7th October where he could announce the news, said, “It will premiere 10/17 midnight on ZDF & stream via their website for one week all over the planet [no geo-blocking YES YES YES].”

Login2life, directed by Daniel Moshel, follows a group of people who spend a good part of their time in virtual spaces. Notable among them are Gentle Heron, Stroker Serpentine and Jaynine Scarborough, who have all been deeply involved in Second Life. The film also profiles several World of Warcraft players.

Rather than a themed documentary with a central narrative arc, the film might best be described as a series of vignettes, moving through the lives of those involved, examining how and why they engage in virtual living, and how the virtual environment can augment and enhance their real lives in a wide variety of ways. In doing so, it steers well away from the stereotypical views on virtual worlds and particularly Second Life, and instead presents a compelling series of insights into a wide variety of subjects: dealing with disabilities, life, love and so on.

An an excellent review over on Betterverse, demonstrates why this is a must-see film.

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With thanks to Rik and Nonprofit Commons.

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    1. Draxtor,

      No worries from this end on the subtitles. If you let me know the URL as soon as it is known, I’ll make sure I follow-up with a further piece ahead of time. Really enjoyed what I’ve seen so far of them film.


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