Mesh roll-out to commence “in days”

Oz Linden has indicated that Linden Lab will start rolling out the code to support mesh on the Main grind “in days rather than weeks”.

To help prepare the way, the Lab have also issued a new page on the wiki for those wishing to help with the roll-out. Among things worth noting:

  • Testing applies to users owning FULL private sims  – No Homesteads or Openspaces. In addition, some sandboxes will be set-up for mesh testing
  • Uploaded objects may be destroyed or broken permanently, and may no longer work after the full mesh deploy in August
  • If you move rezzed mesh objects from a new mesh-enabled version to a sim running the current release version, they may be destroyed or broken permanently – and this includes vehicles and attachments
  • During this phase of the rollout, LL may alter the Prim count for mesh objects and cause objects to be returned to inventory – not this might by any objects on a parcel / the sim, not just mesh objects
  • Sims may be rolled back during this initial roll-out with little or not warning.

Full details, including how to volunteer, can be found on the Mesh/Live Volunteer wiki page.

(with thanks to Opensource Obscure)