Duché de Coeur’s 2nd Annual Music and Arts Festival

Languedoc Coeur

This weekend, from Friday 29th through 31st July, the Duché de Coeur’s Academies Royal de Musique and Peinture will be holding their second annual music and arts festival in Second Life.

The festival will feature more than 20 artists during the course of the weekend, performing in a number of venues that showcase the Duchy’s beautiful sims. Artists attending the event include:

  • Champagne Rain
  • Waltkeys Faith
  • Miles Eleventhauer
  • SaraMarie Philly
  • Yuki Hutchinson
  • Tip Corbett
  • Miriam Forsythe
  • Trowser Boa

As well as music, the festival will feature dance and act as a preview of the Academies’ upcoming season of events (commencing September 17th), including the grand opening of the Duche de Coeur’s own art gallery, featuring the works of some of SL’s most talented artists.

The festival kicks-off at 1:00pm SLT on the 29th July, at Isla Pequena, Aquitaine Coeur Sud (Surl).

Schedule of Events (all times SLT)

Friday 29th

Saturday 30th July

Sunday 31st July

Travel between the venues can be facilitated via the Surls above, or if you prefer to travel in keeping with the theme of the Duchy, using the available horse-drawn carriages, which also include options for touring select resident homes during the festival and traveling to merchant locations offering freebies.

About Duché de Coeur

Duché de Coeur is a fictitious area of France that comprises the real life regions of Provence, Languedoc, Aquitaine, and Poitou, Normandie, Touraine, and Franche-Comté.  It is an accurate depiction of a world of friendship and romance as it might have been around the Age of Enlightenment of some 225 years ago, in an idealistic world where all classes live together in harmony. Further information on Duché de Coeur can be obtained from Bedrich Panacek or SkyeRyder Varriale.