zFire Xue gone

The account belonging to zFire Xue, creator of RedZone, together with at least one of his alts, “theBoris Gothly”, has gone from Second Life.

So to have the contents of zFire’s store. The news came at around midnight, UK time with posts appearing both in the ever-Epic SLU Thread and people Tweeting on the matter as well.

As the news spread, people started heading for the sim where zFire had his shop – and sure enough, the place was empty.

So – is this a cause for celebration? Is the great hoo-haw over and done with?

Well…sadly, no.

Sure, there is some reason to celebrate; RedZone has been the focus of a lot of effort, and deserves a moment of celebration; but the fact remains that at the time of writing:

  • Certain locations across the grid were apparently still running RedZone
  • RedZone remained available on SL Marketplace
  • Others whom seem to be involved with zFire Xue remain active in Second Life – indeed, one such individual ejected the 30-or-so people checking over zFire’s shop…

That the product is still on the Marketplace could be down to nothing more than a delay in getting things sorted over at LL. That those associated with him have not gone could be down to just that – they are associated with him and his device, rather than clearly and unequivocally part and parcel of its creation or a part of selling it directly in-world or via the Marketplace (where zFire Xue used his “TheBoris Gothly” alt). That RedZone devices are still appear to be functioning in-world is again a little confusing: unless purging them from the LL servers is taking time as well.

Assuming that zFire has gone, and that RedZone is to be removed from the Grid and the Marketplace, than there is cause for celebration to a point. However, the media exploit still exists, there are other devices still out there, and so there is still more work to be done.

Addendum 16th March 16:45

A further quick tour of sims known to be using / hiding RedZone showed that none of them caused a media filter alert of any kind that pointed towards the RedZone URL, or anything of suspicious concern.

Elsewhere it is reported that RedZone devices have had scripts pulled from them. Given that RedZone users were previously instructed by zFire to move the scripts from his own device to prims of their own making, this would seem entirely logical: zapping the scripts would be more effective that simply pulling devices tagged with zFire Xue as the creator.

zFire Zue himself went on the warpath prior to his ban from SL (the interview took place on the Saturday prior to him being banned, but was published – ironically – on the day of his ban), and indicated a potential link between himself and the Knights of Mars, a vigilante group that can allegedly  – and for a fee – get any user banned from SL. Given his companions are still involved in world, some are speculating on whether this matter has entirely closed with regards to RedZone.

4 thoughts on “zFire Xue gone

  1. Inara
    I don’t think many in SL will shed a tear over zFire’s banning, but as with everything, it’s what you can’t see that harms you, so now there isn’t a target who do we shoot? By the way thanks for that article on Media filters, I know how to assess urls, but that was the best set of guidelines I’ve read yet.

    PS: Have you noticed any aberrant activity on your hard-drive while running Phoenix 818, 908 or to a lesser extent 977? I’m curious to know, since it is proving an irritation to me – I’m working with Whirly Fizzle on a Phoenix JIRA relating to it…we THINK it’s to do with virtual memory handling. If anyone else reads this I’d like to know. BTW I run Windoze XP SP3 and an nVidia GPU, on an Intel single core Pentium 4 CPU.


    1. Ayesha,

      Thanks for the comments on the Tutorials. Currently, the boxed set is going like wildfire on the Marketplace, and we should soon have them available in Italian, German and Portuguese.

      I’ve always had memory paging issues with Phoenix (and indeed, Emerald before it) that have tended to cause my primary HD to go bananas (indeed, they caused one to completely crash back in the Emerald days). The .908 release was relatively OK for me – and still is. However, the .977 beta is banging bells out of my drive at times. My machine is still reasonably beefy: Quad core, 3Gb, Win 7 SP1 & a 1Gb nvidia 9800GT. Please send me details of the JIRA in-world.


  2. If Zfire was using his product for a legal purpose I would have care, but after he worked along with King G00n to get my account banned from Second Life, and manually added my name to his ban list, I take action against his system, and himself.

    He should have listen to Linden Lab and removed the system when he was asked to stop logging people, He should have removed my information when I asked, and So should Skills Hak unless I consent to that information being stored on outside servers.

    So since he did not I really do not care, if he appeals his ban, and is willing to work out Terms with Linden Lab, and remove this system from world because obviously he can’t even provide security, then I will personally Welcome Him back when he shows respect and Kindness to our grid, but I will not cry over him, and had he not conspired against me I would personally call LL myself and ask them to give him a chance along with my other friends, but since he did such with malicious users screw it.


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