Media Filter due in Phoenix this weekend

Jessica Lyon took time out to pop into the SLU forum today to announce that this weekend will see a maintenance release of Phoenix that includes the new Media Filter.

This release is coming ahead of the planned update to Phoenix, and apparently as a result of the evolving situation regarding devices that seek to obtain avatar and other data via covert means using a media streaming exploit.

Meanwhile, Firestorm looks set to include the Media Filter with the release due on or around the 20th March, again as indicated by Jessica in the recent Phoenix Office Hour.

A Note on the Media Filter

The Media Filter has been developed in response the a number of in-world items that seek to covertly obtain information on avatars and their users. It was initially developed by Sione Lomu, specifically as a result of the recent RedZone farrago. The code has since been adopted by third-party Viewer developers and has been accepted into Project Snowstorm for inclusion in Viewer 2.x.

I’ll be publishing a tutorial on how to use the Media Filter when the Phoenix update is released, together with links to all Viewers currently supporting the filter.

Tutorials will also be made available through a range of in-world sources as the Media Filter comes into wider availability.