Media patch accepted by LL

The media patch that was developed as a result of the RedZone data harvesting tool has moved forward significantly.

First put forward for use in the Phoenix Viewer but already available with the Cool VL and Dolphin Viewers, the patch was recently submitted to the Snowstorm project for Viewer 2 development – and has been accepted and is being worked on.

Further, Oz Linden himself has put forward a JIRA (STORM-1037) that means URLs for media streams should no longer be hidden. This is significant as it means that potentially dubious / invasive media exploits (such as that used by zFire Xue for RedZone) can potentially be more easily identified if they pop-up.

This is a significant step forward and means that, with the forthcoming inclusions of the patch in both Phoenix and Firestorm, the majority of users SL users will have a greater degree of control over what happens within their Viewers, and a vastly improved means of making informed choices about what they wish the Viewer to do on their behalf.

Q Linden departs LL

Q Linden will be leaving Linden Lab tomorrow, Friday March 4th.

He has been a major force in Viewer development, and since Esbee’s departure has been acting Product / Business Lead for Project Snowstorm.

Last year Q suffered a stroke, which left him hospitalised – but he still called-in to SLCC-10 to join Esbee and Oz in announcing Viewer developments and the launch of Snowstorm itself.

Q has always been approachable and personable. He’ll be missed; I certainly wish him well for the future and with his health.