Phoenix media & audio security filter

The concerns about RedZone et al continue. Qie Niangao echoing my concerns over the potential impact on the in-world economy thus:

“There are, however, two other self-victimizing effects of Redzone use, besides losing one’s own customers.

“First, it’s driving everybody’s customers from LL’s grid.  As this plague spreads, the in-world consumer economy shrinks, leaving less and less room for shopkeepers to recoup the cost of doing business in Second Life.  This, ultimately, is what will doom Redzone.  Either LL acts, or there’s nothing left worth “protecting” — just a bunch of increasingly desperate Redzone users and the disposable griefer accounts that don’t have any reason to care if they’re scanned… and there’s no money in that for anybody, including Linden Lab….”

Quite. The levels of paranoia and fear – coupled with outrage and concern – potentially mean that in-world shopping will be the overall loser in this sorry mess, as I’ve previously mentioned.

However, while people are absorbing Prokofy Neva’s well-placed thoughts on the matter  – and even echoing them within the thread linked to here – Innula Zenovka relays welcome news that at least one team of Viewer makers are reacting to the the fact that a vulnerability in the Viewer code itself makes tools such as RedZone possible.

Now developers have created a a media and audio security filter which intercepts the incoming media streams and flags up unknown domains encountered with a series of options the user can take as actions. The filter is being adopted by the Phoenix team, and is available to other TPV developers.

The filter is still being worked on at present, but for those whole compile their own versions of the Phoenix Viewer, an initial patch is available. The completed version of the filter will hopefully be available in the next maintenance release of Phoenix – and again, hopefully, will be included in Firestorm.

One hopes that the code also finds its way back into Snowstorm, and that Linden Lab are encouraged to adopt it as well.

Note: updated to reflect feedback from Innula – with thanks.

6 thoughts on “Phoenix media & audio security filter

  1. As the linked JIRA entry shows, I added the patch tot he main Phoenix codebase earlier today. It will be in the next maintenance release of Phoenix. I also expect it to be in the next Firestorm, but that’s not a promise.

    It’s still a bit of a work in progress. It does surprising things in spots, although it works just fine for what it sets out to do.


    1. Tonya, thanks for the feedback – and hope very much that work continues to progress smoothly.

      As someone who hasn’t a clue when it comes to compiling a viewer, I’m looking forward to seeing it in a Phoenix maintenance release, and to (hopefully) seeing it in Firestorm soon!


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