Attachment issues in SL

The recent server updates on the 8-10th February introduced an intermittent attachment issue that was uresolved with the roll-outs of the following week.

The issue has been widely reported on all Viewers, and in some cases wrongly labelled as a Phoenix Viewer issue (I’ve recently assisted people using Phoenix, 1.23.5 and Viewer 2.4).

A JIRA has been raised on the issue, and the Phoenix team have posted some useful guidelines on dealing with matters (with thanks to CS for bringing this to my attention).

Lithium to drive the Community Platform

A little birdie chirped in my ear today that Lithium is to drive the new Comminity Platform recently blogged about.

No, not the copper coloured top variety made famous (in the UK at least) by a horde of clever little pink bunnies, but rather this kind. While it has not been confirmed, I’m guessing that the actual software will be this, which clearly ticks all the technology boxes Vogt Linden alluded to in his blog post; although I suspect the Lithium Awareness product may have a roll to play, given LL’s one-sided love affair with Facebook…

Certainly, the suite look more up to the task than the current tools in use. I still have reservations about the “power to the users” aspect of the new system, for reasons stated – and will be watching out for more news on this aspect of things. In the meantime, here’s to Lithium…