RedZone HUD users don’t like being called out

I’ve already referred to a recent thread (still available as read-only) dealing with more on the subject of RedZone.

In this thread, the OP became rather abusive towards those putting up valid arguments against RedZone, culminating in the following post:

“Nooo Ann.. what i’m sayiing, is IF you haved a legitmate gripe, is there are ways that LL can help You solve your problem. i invcluded the inks to help You.

“What i’m saying is this. Yes.. we desrerve  a way to protect ourselsve. this is a prime example.

“LL offers many ways to deter this behavior.

“if ALL else fails. yes.. get redzone,, wear the HUd.. and feel safe once again.”

(page 6, forum page view).

Now, given the RedZone HUD is a tool that allowed the wearer to surreptitiously sim-hop and gather data on other avatars therein, I couldn’t help but respond with a cheeky:

“if ALL else fails. yes.. get redzone,, wear the HUd.. and violate the ToS by travelling from sim-to-sim, gathering data on others without their consent


And guess what? Someone abuse reported me!

It seems that despite the 18+ language employed by both the OP and other in the thread (remembering that forums are supposed to be PG/G in both subject and content, and can be read by under-18s)…my little comment was the one that was reported to the moderators – and subsequently removed!

Now, I don’t for a minute believe the OP herself went to this much trouble – but it would seem that someone, somewhere has a major insecurity complex when it comes to having the nasty little tool they use / their dirty raincoat-like voyeurism being (again) outed.

Sadly, no express reason for the removal of the comment has been given by Linden Lab. I’m guessing the comment was hung on a technicality surrounding “violate the ToS”. Even so – that people are prepared to go this far in an attempt to whitewash this product and its uses again causes me to ask this question of all genuine store owners in Second Life:

Do you really want your store, your products, your reputation identified with the kind of people who engage in this kind of activity, and who go to the greatest of lengths to try and hide their immature, voyeuristic needs? Is using a tool that cannot provide you with anything other than a wrinkled comfort blanket, and which is coveted by the kind of idiocy routinely seen on the creator’s own forums really the way to promote your hard work?