Phoenix update released

Phoenix have issued a new Viewer release – .908 – potentially one of the last maintenance releases as work gathers pace on Firestorm and we approach the end-of-the-line for Viewer1.2x-based clients.

The release is timely, given the rising issues users have been experiencing, particularly those that use the Restrained Love Viewer/a extensions.

Here’s a bullet-list of key fixes:

  • Improved overall performance and stability
  • RLVa Assertion Failure fix
  • 42 group auto detection, no need to enable via debug
  • Showcase TP links have been fixed to work properly for Windows & Mac, Linux to follow in the next release
  • Updated Webkit helping webpages load faster in the web browser, improved memory handling etc.
  • The momentary viewer lock-ups experienced on 373, 725 and 818 should be a thing of the past
  • Texture jumping issues (where textures load, then unload, load, then unload) resolved
  • Updated Viewer tags
  • Built in IRC client has been fixed! No more ??? ???  names in IRC rooms
  • Huge improvement to ‘De-render’, which now permanently de-renders items until they are removed from the Asset Blacklist
  • Skin downloader fixes
  • Improved installer, no more downloading additional files during the install process.

Of these, I have a bias towards the De-render option fix, and I hope this finds its way into Firestorm. Having recently suffered the blight of a view-blocking eyesore popping up (or perhaps pooping up) my home sim, having to constantly de-render it from my view each time I logged in / returned home was a complete and perishing nuisance.

The updated Viewer is now available on the Phoenix wiki.