Rodvik Revealed

Rod Humble (Rodvik Linden), the new CEO at Linden Lab attended a short “meet and greet” event with members of the “Second Life Press Corps” on Friday.

The meeting itself appears to have been a bit of a curate’s egg: on the one hand, it *is* good that Rodvik is taking the time to meet and greet. On the other…but the time the greetings were all done, there wasn’t really much time for the actual meeting this time around – although a fair few of those attending did get some points across to Rodvik – which I’m sure he’s taken note of and some of what he said vis-a-vis in-world creativity within SL was encouraging.

The really sad thing here is that once again, this smacks of LL operating by stealth. The meeting was very small, with a selected audience who (one cynically suspects) were selected as much for their positive attitude towards LL as for any “journalistic credentials”. Certainly, Rodvik cannot hope to meet with everyone, and really large audiences can make for difficult meetings – but one cannot help but be disappointed that no-one at LL has made mention of the fact that these meetings are happening (assuming this was not a one-off), or indicated that larger audiences may be possible in the future. To be sure, LL are in a rock and a hard place: Town Halls, etc., are hard to organise and small meetings smack of talking to the anointed: but at the moment excitement around Rodvik’s appointment is running high and favourable – and as such, it would be good to see LL engender more goodwill among residents by holding somewhat larger, more open meetings that allow for a wider opportunity for people to see / hear / chat with Rodvik Linden.

Again, these needn’t take up great swathes of his time – but putting aside a couple of hours each week for a two or three-week period and scheduling meetings at times that suit international meetings (as was done with this first one)  isn’t really beyond the realm of the doable.

Anyway, here’s the transcript of the meeting, and my thanks to Chestnut Rea for posting it.

On a side note…Rod’s avatar is a fabulous (photo?) rendering of himself, and one of the freshest approaches to a Linden Avatar I’ve yet seen.

Rodvik Linden (right)

2 thoughts on “Rodvik Revealed

  1. The guy needs new hair, but I do love the toga – hopefully it is an indicator that he condones the concept of a public forum and not that he has plans on becomine god emperor. 😛
    I suspect that his choice of avatar probably tells more about him than what he said the meeting which was not really all that much, and some of it was just summing up the official party line, so to speak. I agree with you though that his emphasis on creativity might bode well and I’m prepared to be tentatively optimistic about the future.


    1. I think his avatar personifies him perfectly – just compare it to a rl image of Rod Humble. That he’s taken the time and effort to come up with the look – a look that makes him instantly recognisable *as* Rod Humble, rather than going for the more … prosaic, shall we say … *does* speak volumes about his enthusiasm.

      Like you, I was somewhat disappointed in the meet’n’greet. More could have been done in encouraging interaction. There are times when LL try too hard in stage managing things. But – it is a start, and something that needn’t have been done at all. I hope they continue, and with broader audiences. Having a “press corps” is good, but there also needs to be broader dissemination of such events (why nothing on the official flog, for example?); not all of those actively engaged in SL go out to other blogs and the like to do their reading…


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