Pickfords* would love me…

Night lights

Because I always seem to be on the move.

Since Christmas I’ve moved no fewer than three times. Not actually to anywhere, you understand – just within my own land. Had it not been for a change of heart…it would actually have been four moves.

It started when neighbours moved into a corner parcel on the sim and threw up (an apt description, now I’ve written it) a 50 metre tall, good-awful home-built “lighthouse”, that utterly cut across Kelly’s view from her home. OK.. it is their land, and they can do as they please, but there were two other corners of the land where views from neighbouring parcels would not have been interrupted, so the arrival of the, umm, lighthouse, was a little off-putting.

Anyway, it caused Kelly much inconvenience, constantly having to derender the monstrosity, and even while I myself didn’t have a direct view of it from my house, I was constantly away of its looming presence. So to make things easier, I boosted my place into the sky, and relocated Kelly’s house (as she has the same basic style of house as me) down to the waterfront and next to the pool there – move 1.

However, being in the sky is not overly satisfying for me; so up came move 2 – logically…to a higher altitude. What would have been move 3 was a failed attempt to move back down to the ground and live atop / inside a landscaped mountain – thwarted by the fact the sim has been so pulled about that it was next to impossible to get the land looking the way I’d pictured before I got fed up of playing whack-a-mole with the land tool.

In the end, move 3 became my latest – not quite back to the ground, but close enough to it so that I can again enjoy sunsets over the sea.

The new house and platform

The new place is on a 50×50 platform that offers the best of both worlds for me: situated a little above the minimum skybox altitude, it provides me with a home and garden in the sky, but is low enough for me to enjoy glorious over-the-water sunsets.

Now, I’ll be totally honest here. The design of the house (for once) is not my own – although the build is. Credit goes where it is due: the basic idea came from Vivienne Schell, who is perhaps one of SL’s top designers of sky homes. While looking at what is out there (having opted for a build by someone else in “move 2’s” altitude-boost mentioned above), I revisited her store and spent time looking at various options. Sadly, all her builds, as fabulous as they are, are too prim-rich for me and offer more space than I could ever hope to use.

SO… I admit, the overall look of the house is very influenced by Vivienne’s work, and as such, similar designs will not be finding their way into the IPD product line. This build is purely for my personal use.

Platform from the pool “side” showing the patio, planters and the house behind

The house itself is raised over the back of a 40×40 platform, which provides plenty of room for fun, relaxing and entertaining friends.

Directly in front of the house, the platform comprises a large patio area, sectioned by planters of trees, shrubs and flowers to provide a quiet seating area, a large poolside area and patio seating. To the side of this, at a lower level, is a lawn complete with dance floor and room for a number of recreational pursuits.

Directly behind the pool, again on a lower level, and sitting under one wing of the house is the mandatory hot tub with a further area of lawn.

The house itself, like my Water Margin design, is a single-level affair (sort-of!), with a central entrance hall linking the lounge and bedroom “wings”. The house is raised above the main platform / patios, and is reached via a broad stairway leading to a smaller patio nestled between the wings of the house.

My new lounge

The lounge combines my own furniture with some elements from Novocaine Islay’s “Hollywood” range of items (usually supplied with her own house builds).

My usual sofas are there, mixed with a nice fireplace and wall unit from Novocaine, and as per usual, I’ve finished the room with my own scripted “indirect” lighting to give the room a cosy feel at night. Of course, my favourite pictures by Rena Sakai take pride of place on the walls, while Himtu Twine’s amazing images allow me a little Ego Moment on one wall. The decor is a little less “earthy” compared to my previous house, with light walls and textured ceiling, although I find the darker floor attractive.

Entrance Hall

The entrance hall is heavily influenced by my own Caprican house designs, offering double doors to the front aspect of the house and platform, and large windows to the front, and a single wide window to the rear.

Given I cannot be without music in SL, my piano (beautifully updated by Persephone Milk and reviewed here) takes pride of place in the hallway, and has a little couch for friends, courtesy of Novocaine Islay (although rescripted by myself). Hanging from the ceiling in the hall is a picture of the house I hope to return to in the future – my version of Fallingwater – which will certainly benefit from the coming prim size increase!

My Boudoir

After some debate with myself – I was tempted (still am, in fact) to create a more “crimson” room with drapes, rich reds and golds, etc. -my bedroom retains a more oriental look, with furnishing from Novocaine once more, and pictures by Rena Sakai and myself.

Like the lounge, the bedroom overlooks the front of the platform and provides me with a glorious view of trees and sea, which I simply adore.

View from the upper terrace at sunset

All-in-all, I’m rather pleased with the look of the place – even tho I have a little urge to go making a few changes here and there even now. I once again feel like I have a “home” in SL, a feeling that has been lacking for the last few weeks.

Certainly I have enough room to done what I enjoy here; even my Skeet Shoot system seems to operate *fairly* adequately, which it hasn’t done in a long time. I’m also rather pleased with the dance floor area, which is a re-working of Muerte Pedro’s excellent dance floor systems.

I’ve tried to include some indirect lighting for night-time views as well. Sunset and night are very much my favourite times of day in SL. Hopefully, with deferred rendering on its way to the Main Grid in a working format, lighting is something that is itself going to get a lot more interesting in the near future. However, for now I’m satisfied with what I have.

Of course…I cannot promise I won’t be moving again…but right now, I like the new place, including the “sekrit” bits I’ve not mentioned (I don’t kiss and tell! *winks), and I hope to be here a while!

*P.S. “Pickfords” is the name of a famous removal company in the UK, if you’re wondering!


2 thoughts on “Pickfords* would love me…

    1. TY – and glad you don’t mind me borrowing from your own designs :).

      This unit went through several iteration – I later added a small pond, then a big pond with gazebo over. It’s now packed away awaiting a rainy day, and I’m living in a rock nowadays….ah, the magic of SL…!


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