When words collide

I try not to engage or comment on disputes between people, but in this case I’ll make a small exception, as the faux pas is too good not to point out.

As I’ve mentioned, LordGregGreg departed Emerald over the weekend, and in doing so much of trust people have for the Viewer being kept “on-the-rails” followed him through the door.

His reasons for leaving were pretty clearly stated, and have been widely reported by supporters of Emerald and snipers alike.

Of course, there will always be two sides to every story – and then there is the truth, as the old cliche goes. But LordGregGreg – as many have stated – has never been anything other than straight and honest with people. As his blog shows, he’s been a consistent voice advocating people’s right to privacy and some security in what they are receiving through the Viewer or where the Viewer is redirecting them. He also has a deep technical understanding of the Viewer. For this reason, it is disappointing to see such a tawdry, accusative post appear on the Modular System’s blog regarding his departure.

It’s hard to see how raising legitimate concerns over the possible capture and/or transmission of private information that is not relevant to the user’s SL experience in terms of what they see or or and what the Viewer needs to be able to do in order for them to do so is an act intended to “deliberately try to bring the Team’s reputation into disrepute.” To try and gloss over the matter does little to redeem Modular Systems in the eyes of many.

That said, I could not help by smile and laugh at the closing attempt to dismiss LGG’s contributions to the project: Alas, part of being a success is having detractors, however we wish him well on his next legitimate venture.

“Legitimate venture”? Phox / Fractured / whoever wrote this, I suggest you go back and re-read that line carefully. You may think you’re very cleverly casting further aspersions on Lord GregGreg’s character; but that’s the danger when trying to engage in clever wordplay: one is all to often hoist by one’s own petard as one’s words collide – they have a habit of being read in ways other than originally intended.

I mean, are you really admitting the project LGG has just left – Emerald – is in fact an illegitimate venture?  Perhaps we should let the jury decide.