New home, new start

Well, it’s finally happened. We have our own sim.

This marks the end of an interesting journey for us. Since we’ve been together, we’ve had to roam SL a little, living on several sims (one of which was the 2nd sim I’d managed on behalf of others in SL). While we’ve enjoyed the places we’ve lived – especially those owned by Lizard and Hottie – we’ve always known we’d never really be happy without the security of our own sim. What’s more, truth be told I miss fiddling with sims and landscaping them. But cost was always the big issue. Private islands are not cheap in terms of purchase price or tier; and the last thing we wanted was to get bogged down is running a sim as a business, rather than a place of fun.

So when LL launched their Enhanced OpenSpace sims, it was clear we’d found our niche, and (again thanks to Lizard and Hottie), we managed to secure one of these excellent small-holding (prim-wise) sims for our personal use, finally moving in last week.

It’s been a fun week since then, taking a raw sim and molding it into a private estate for both ourselves and our closest friends. Fallingwater, our house, now has a “home” to suit it – even though it is far removed from the land surrounding the real place; and we’ve been able to provide friends with houses that draw inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs.

Most of the work is now done, although things have changed slightly from the early pic taken above, just 36 hours after the sim was delivered – but we have a home and a place to roam and share with loved ones.

It even allows us all to indulge our more…esoteric…interests!

Again, the build is something I’m particularly proud of, both house-wise and sim-wise. Here’s a little look: