A Blade Runner Future Noir in Second Life

Blade Runner Future Noir, March 2023 – click any image for full size

Hera (zee9) is back with a further take on Scott’s Blade Runner, and the director’s transplanted dystopian ideas from  of Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. It’s not the first time Hera has tackled the theme in a build – as I’ve covered several times in these pages – either indirectly through her Drune builds or more directly through her February 2022 Blade Runner build, which I wrote about here.

With Blade Runner Future Noir, Hera has taken the opportunity presented by a Full private region leveraging the Land Capacity bonus to greatly expand on her February 2022 vision, offering offering something which is partially familiar to visitors of that build and something which is new an unique. Combined, these elements serve to deliver one of the most immersive and integrated representations of Scott’s filmic vision to be presented in Second Life.

Blade Runner Future Noir, March 2023

I say “integrated” here, because Blade Runner Future Noir brings together Hera’s stunning visuals, an superb ambient sound scape and a curated music stream which perfectly reflects the the setting, offering as it does pieces from the soundtracks of both films, plus pieces from other suitable sources. As such, this is very much a setting which should be visited with both local sounds on and the audio stream enabled.

This is something very special for me. It is without doubt the best Cyberpunk sim I have created. It has all the elements that the others did not have or could not have due to space and prim limits. Blade Runner, for those who know and love it, needs no introduction.

– Hera (Zee9)

Blade Runner Future Noir, March 2023

From the landing point – do be sure to tat the information note card that’s available there – visitors are delivered to a subway train car, the platform beyond it offering the way up to street level and the hustle and dampness of downtown and old town Los Angeles. The street scenes here are perhaps the most familiar aspects of the design for those who have visited the February 2022 build. Familiar, but not necessarily the same; there is a wealth of details waiting to be found that was not present on that build which could not be previously included.

That detail come s both large and small: from the vehicles through to the Animesh NPCs to the posters which there familiar touches of humour – some of which are the work of AmandaBennet1967 – and signage found among the streets and buildings. The NPCs are a first for Hera’s builds, again thanks for the increased Land Capacity presented by the region. They offer a sense of life which goes beyond static NPC figures – although admittedly, seeing an LAPD officer in full amour and casually swinging what appears to be a large, automatic projectile weapon while bouncing and hopping on the balls of his feet did after me crossing the street to avoid the risk of an accidental *bang* and ricochet 🙂 .

Blade Runner Future Noir, March 2023
There is a great deal of familiar stuff here, but it has all been re arranged and expanded upon. There is also a great deal of new stuff, all of which you will have to find, it’s been such a long time since I put some of it in that I have forgotten where things are myself … The devil is in the detail and I have at last had a chance, and the prims , to just go way over the top. There are so many small things scattered about here now, and I could have continued had I not begun to get dangerously close, in a 30000 prim sim, of running out. 

– Hera (Zee9)

As with the February 2022 build, it is possible to visit The Snake Pit – although Zhora is not present, and the club is a little more up-market compared to the establishment at which she performed. Similarly, the Tyrell Tower looms over the setting, bearing the name of its founder / owner. Within it can be found Tyrell’s office and conference area where visitors might appreciate an owl and just down the hallway can be found Tyrell’s bedchamber. Also awaiting visitors is the office level where Holden met his violent end after confusing / upsetting Leon whilst administering the Voight-Kampff test. Further within the tower is more to be found – but I’ll little your discover what that might be.

Blade Runner Future Noir, March 2023

New to this build is the means by which one might choose the reach the tower. Whilst the route at street level remains, those finding their way to the roof of the LAPD headquarters can use the rezzer on one of the landing pads there to call-up a police spinner and treat themselves to a Deckard-style flight to Tyrell Tower as it faces the police building across the width of the region.

Dow at ground level are some familiar and not-so-familiar locations to be visited. The Snake Pit still awaits patrons, for example – although it is again perhaps a little more up-market in looks and tone to the club which employed Joanna Cassidy’s Zhora. For those who prefer, street level offers access to the local club (just be wary of the soda beverage available in the foyer – at least, if it’s name is to be taken literally! is numerous smaller locations I don’t recall from previous builds.

Blade Runner Future Noir, March 2023

As well as Blade Runner, the setting apparently draws on influences from the game Cyberpunk 2077, including the apartment belonging to the game’s protagonist, V. I confess it’s not a game I’m familiar with at all, so I have no idea if the apartment I found was inspired by V’s; but I will say that for some odd reason put me in mind of the Hume’s apartment from the (sadly) short-lived series Total Recall 2070 (which, despite its title owed as much to Scott’s vision of Los Angeles as it did to Dick’s novella We Can Remember It for You Wholesale), even if the similarities are at best superficial.

Another apartment available to visitors is at of J. F. Sebastian, tucked away within the Bradbury building. Fortunately, Pris does not appear to be present, so it’s unlikely you’ll be attacked; however, it’s also worth taking a look at the floor above for another reminder of the film. I’m honestly not sure if either of these were present in prior builds, but I enjoyed discovering them both.

Blade Runner Future Noir, March 2023

When visiting, do be sure to view the region under the region’s EEP settings – the add immeasurably to the experience and help give the region a greater sense of depth than the 256 metres on the side otherwise presents.  You can still also partake of a bowl of noodles at The White Dragon, which has also bee expanded upon with the inclusion of Animesh NPCs.

Should you enjoy a visit and appreciate Hera’s work, do please consider making a donation via the landing point’s bear; all L$ received go directly back into the region’s upkeep and tier – and at Hera points out, the greater the assistance, the longer Blade Runner Future Noir will remain available for everyone to enjoy.

Blade Runner Future Noir, March 2023

Absolutely not one to be missed.

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9 thoughts on “A Blade Runner Future Noir in Second Life

  1. This looks interesting, although the actual location data is a bit sparse. I’ll be headed there tonight to see what the installation is like.


  2. Superb images and informative article you made Inara of this super cool sim! I too briefly visited and for sure will return after reading your article! Thanks


  3. „As with the February 2022 build, it is possible to visit The Snake Pit – although Zhora is not present,…“

    Well, I am open for an appointment 😉


  4. Another wonderful article for region visits. I’m glad it’s back and I hope it stays around for a while. Some things as the previous build and some things are new. There are a lot of Cyberpunk influences. I have played the game so I am familiar with them. I haven’t found V’s apartment yet but I will recognize it when I do. In the Cyberpunk game, there are a few easter eggs from Blade Runner. Roy Batty can be found on top of one of the buildings just like after the tears of rain dialogue 😉


  5. Oh I’m so excited to see this back! I got a little obsessed over the first one and blogged it quite extensively. I am really enjoying finding my away around the new layout and discovering what is the same and what has changed / been added.


  6. When you say “it’s also worth taking a look at the floor above for another reminder of the film. I’m honestly not sure if either of these were present in prior builds” do you mean the small bathroom with the tiled floor and bath, accessible by climbing a bookcase down a corridor from Sebastian’s apartment? That was definitely there before, as was Sebastian’s apartment itself.


    1. Yes. I caught J.F’s appt, but somehow missed the Batty / Deckard climatic fight floor later time around.


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