Elvion’s coastal retreat in Second Life

Elvion, March 2023 – click any image for full size

It is no secret that I’ve never failed to enjoy the various iterations of Bo and Una Zano’s (BoZanoNL and UnaMayLi) Elvion – hence why I’m again writing about it once more, just a few weeks after my last piece about it, as they have recently re-opened with a new design; one which is something of a departure from the majority of previous region designs.

Elvion, March 2023

Where Elvion tends to lean towards rural / mystical settings, laced with a deep sense of beauty and mysticism, this design takes us somewhere else entirely, as Bo notes in the region’s About Land description:

Enjoy beautiful vistas exploring this paradise island, situated between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea. From stunning ocean views and forest trails, to detailed cities and interiors.

– Bo Zano, introducing his latest Elvion chapter

Elvion, March 2023

Whether the location is between the French or Italian Alps and the Med is hard to say; the houses suggest a sense of Tuscany, but really whether based on an actual part of the French or Italian landscape between mountains and sea isn’t important; what is important is that – as with all of Bo’s and Una’s builds – this is a setting that has been put together with a huge amount of love and patience to offer visitors a further engaging, charming and relaxing visit.

Elvion, March 2023

The landing point lies towards the north-west of the region, on a high shoulder of a hill. From here one can travel north and pass through a bun-like thumb of rock via a tunnel to a secluded headland overlooking the sea on two sides and where stone steps wind their way up to the to of the rock. Or, if preferred, people can head south and down and along a rutted track to the coast and a causeway leading to an ancient fortification.

Elvion, March 2023

Then there is east from the landing point, and a broad bridge spanning the local river valley to where the local town sits. This is built around a series of gated paths running between the houses, including one that descends southwards to where another bridge spans the river as it broadens to reach a wide plaza with more houses and a way down to the beach. From here the road runs north along the east coast and to a little waterside location which carries a suggestion not so much of France or Italy, but – to me at least – a touch of Louisiana.

Elvion, March 2023

The transition from the more Alpine seating to the touch of Americana is subtle; thanks to the way the road along the east side of the region is kept naturally separate to the rest of the region, adding a further depth of mystery and magic to the setting. Those exploring might wish to keep their eyes peeled for entrances into the local caves – there are several ways into these, so they shouldn’t be hard to find, while for those looking for another elevated look-out point should – as the landing area notes – head for the local water tower.

As ever with Bo and Una’s Elvion’s designs, this iteration is incredibly photogenic – be sure to look inside some of the houses as well, as a number are furnished – and there are numerous places to be found for sitting, cuddling and passing the time. I also recommend using the region’s own EEP settings, as they offer the region almost as a painting. All told, another setting not to be missed.

Elvion, March 2023

SLurl Details

  • Elvion (Mirage, rated Moderate)

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