Of the sea and the stars in Second Life

Sur-Mer / LunarVille, February 2023 – click any image for full-size

Shawn Shakespeare recently dropped me the LM to LunarVille / Sur-Mer. As the name suggests, this is setting of two parts. joined by a common theme which might be said to just touch on global warming:

Earth circa 2052.
All continents have been submerged by water, most life is extinct. The 1% have expatriated to Mars and the lunar surface. Some survivors have managed to survive and harvest the seas, they have scrapped all vintage and advanced technology.

From Sur-Mer and LunarVille

Sur-Mer / LunarVille, February 2023

The Landing Point offers advice on viewing the settings (in short: make sure you have Used Shared Environment active in your viewer) and a choice of teleport destinations The Hangar, Sur-Mer and LunarVille, all of which can be accessed via the teleport disk.

Which you visit first is entirely up to you; I opted to hop to Sur-Mer to start my visit; a place where the last remnants of human civilisation on Earth might be found, huddled along the span of an ancient bridge, surrounded by cold-looking water and a shroud of mist. Visitors arrive on a small deck below and to one side of the bridge, photographs on a panel showing what might have happened to Earth in our future history.

Sur-Mer / LunarVille, February 2023

It is a strange place where the bridge runs from a cut-open diesel loco has been converted into a stage show setting watched by a small audience and the bridge runs to a most unusual home. Given that technology both vintage and advanced have been scrapped, there are robots to be found, powered islands hovering over the waters and home to garden or wind turbines – and even a WW2 era Mustang fighter apparently coming into land (complete with its undercarriage arranged to resemble that of a Spitfire), while at the house a line of flying vehicles are swooping in for a landing.

Strange it might be, but the location is genuinely photogenic for avatar and artistic shots, whilst the scattered seating present plenty of opportunities to set and relax.

Sur-Mer / LunarVille, February 2023

LunarVille presents an equally intriguing setting. Central to it is the Moonbase where – presumably – some of the top 1% are living. It is certainly a cosy place and comes complete with its own nightclub – The Apollo Lounge. A second dance area is available within a hanger space – although the DJ will need a spacesuit.

Scattered around the rest of this setting are multiple points of interest for explorers – the module containing the teleport, the lunar equivalent of Area 51, a small meadow sitting under a dome where a cow and sheep graze and more, all of which offer further opportunities for photography.

Sur-Mer / LunarVille, February 2023

Unusual and curled into fun with a hint of a message, LunarVille / Sur-Mer makes for a light and quirky visit.

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