Exploring Angel Mist in Second Life

Angel Mist – The Cloud Garden, December 2022

Angel Mist is a Full private region that is genuinely multi-faceted in its offerings to visitors; so much so that when I initially dropped in back earlier in 2022, I ended up stuck on how best to tackle it without ending up with just a list of SLurls and individual descriptions. Even now, I’m not sure I’ve really escaped doing that, but given the diverse range of settings it offers and its potential for broad-based appeal, it deserves a write-up.

When I say multi-faceted, I really mean it; designed by Madam Chaos (TheAwkwardMochi) and Maxi (Maxwell Raynier) this is a region that cannot be simply pigeon-holed as club venue or a photographing region, or a role-play setting or purely as a hang-out; it is a mix of all of these elements and more – and as such, can be slightly bewildering given the number of potential access points (on my original visit, I came to the region via a Destination Guide entry that delivered me to the ground level, for example, and initially oblivious to the skyborne locations). This being the case, I recommend fist-time visitor avail themselves of the main landing hub.

Angel Mist, December 2022

It is here that visitors can gain an introduction to the region as a whole, and obtain a Tour Guide HUD, offered as a 24-page book (and which includes map-based teleports). The book can also be found at many of the locations scatter across and over the region, as can teleport boards and portals in the forms of photographs of various locations within the region (walk through a picture to be teleported).

Which you take is entirely up to you – in this, the Guide Book can help with the major locations with the region as it offers a description of each of them. However, there are a couple of words of advice I would give as you start out on your explorations:

  • This is an adult-themed region, and clearly noted as BDSM friendly; therefore there are some destinations within the region that include furnishings and other items associated with the lifestyle & sexual activities. Most of these items are in the more private areas within the region (e.g. the Boudoir, the Hidden Bedroom), but some can be found elsewhere and might be in use when you come across it. If such activities aren’t to your sensibilities or should the equipment / rooms are in use, the teleport will take you elsewhere in the region, such as the Cloud Garden.
  • Parcel and altitude EEP settings are used throughout the region, so make sure you have your viewer set to Used Shared Environment (World → Environment).
Angel Mist – Norrland, December 2022

The greater portion of the ground level is given over the The Cloud Garden, a fantasy / romance setting washed through with bright light. the light can be a little overwhelming when first encountered, but it gives the setting a dream-like quality, with all that is contained within the garden being revealed only as people explore. This is a place where clouds float with dance floors and houses sitting on their backs and when elven tree houses spiral upwards into the light and steps and stairs and paved footpaths present some of the ways by which the garden might be revealed.

The Cloud Garden sits nestled between rugged uplands reached via trail and stair. With towers rising from two shoulders, waterfalls tumble from their mid-point and paths winding across them, in places they hide a range of tunnels and caverns below, all with their own attractions, which I’ll let you discover. The coast and lowlands are a little rougher in terms of landscaping, with grassy and sandy landforms mixing a little chaotically, but there are further points of interest to be found here as well, with boardwalks and paths helping with explorations.

Angel Mist, December 2022

Overhead, the largest single area is Norrland, the name given to the Swedish-style village which shares a high sky platform shared with one of the regions clubs. The village is caught in the depths of midwinter, the aurora painting the night sky with swirls of colour and light. Here visitors can wander at leisure, sit and watch the snow fall or take a horse from one of the rezzers and ride around the snowlands and / or try their hand at the local jump course.

Overlooking the village to one side is the Graveyard Shift Goth Club, occupying the ruins of an old stone-built church. As noted, it is one of a couple of club venues within the region, the other being Max’s Jazz and Blues Club, located within its own sky box and offering three music venues inside as well as a link to The London Room, “for those who need a little romantic privacy”. Meanwhile, for those who prefer warmer settings, a further skybox offers the Harem, a more middle-eastern locale.

Angel Mist – The Graveyard Shift Goth Club, December 2022

All of this is still barely scratching the surface of what is an intriguing region in many ways; one where these parts might be seen as individual destinations for those with specific interests. Those who enjoy romance and dancing are bound to find a lot to enjoy here (dances are offered through the region’s different locations, whilst those looking for intimate BDSM locales for a little fun are also well served, as are photographers through the like of the Cloud Garden and the Earthquake Room.

Thus, Angle Mist makes for an engaging visit and very different visit.

Angel Mist – The Cloud Garden, December 2022

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