Art and a walk in Southern Corsica in Second Life

Corsica Tourist Centre and Tea Garde – start of the CSC Art Trail

A while back, and via Owl Dragonash, I received an invitation to explore (and possibly participate in) the Art Trail at Corsica South Coasters. While I have not directly participated, I did finally manage to get my bum and feet over to Corsica and take a walk along the Art Trail – and enjoyed doing so.

As the name suggests, the Art Trail is an open-air walk along the southern coast of Corsica, winding its way between the Corsica Tourist Centre and Tea Garden and Port Emyniad, with the former noted at the starting point; although there is no reason why trail-walkers can start from the Port and follow the signs backwards – there is no order into how the path is followed and the order in which the art is viewed.

CSC Art Trail, Corsica – just follow the signs!

It’s a route that takes in a number of sights along the south coast of Corsica, including gallery spaces at Port Emynaid and Ceakay Ballyhoo’s gallery (Ceakay is one of those – along with Owl, Catori Mistalker and Bijoux Barr) and others, as well as the trail itself marked both by trailside signs and mounted art from participating artists, either just for exhibition purposes or for sale.

The walk takes about 5-6 minutes when going directly from point-to-point. However, such is the nature of the walk, coupled with the opportunities to witness the art on dispay both along the trail and within the many studio galleries, and well as catching other points of interest along the way.  Doing so can draw a walk out into a very pleasant stroll, with the route itself home to a numbr of teleport station that provide access to additional points of interest within Corsica.

CSC Art Trail – Isle Biedermann and MJ Biedermann (MarjorieBrickard)

The Art Trail is intended to be an “eternal” art display (although pieces and galleries might naturally change over time), and artists from across Second Life are invited to articipate along the trail-side art frames. Artists wishing to have work displayed along the walk can do so by:

  • Select one piece of their art as both a texture an a framed / on cavas piece of part – both to be set to Full permissions.
  • Send the art and texture in a folder to Ceakay Ballyhoo, together with the following:
    • If the art is to be sold – the permissions to be set against the art if it is to be sold & the price at which it is to be offered.
    • A copy of your biography as an artist and / or information on the art you would like to share.
  • Ceakay will then set the art up on one of the available art frames along the trail.
The galleries at Port Emyniad

Any question about the Art Trail should be directed to one of Ceakay Ballyhoo, Bijoux Barr (bijouxbarr) or Catori Mistalker.

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  1. Yay! so glad you enjoyed your Art trail walk, and thank you for sharing the info! That invite to include one of your pieces is still open btw.💜


    1. Thank you, Owl – I think there are many others who are more deserving of having their work displayed!


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