An artist’s choice in Second Life

Kultivate Select, April 2022

Those looking for a cosy ensemble art exhibition in which to find a rich diversity of art might want to hop over the the Kultivate Select Gallery, where the April exhibition has just opened.

A part of the Kultivate arts and music hub, the Select Gallery occupies a garden space within the Kultivate region, offering an outdoor exhibition space that it usually host to themed exhibitions, with each theme set by the Kultivate team. However, for April 2022, and at events and exhibitions at Kultivate ramp-up once more, it was decided to keep the April 2022 theme to a simple “Artist’s Choice”.

Kultivate Select, April 2022: Tarozaemon Rossini

Those responding to the call for artists with the exhibition comprise Duraya Resident, Hannah Starlight, Hero Blessed, Margo Hollak, Penni Noir (Penniwit Yearsley), SierraDiamond Panthar, Tarozaemon Rossini and Veruca Tammas. Between them, they offer an engaging mix of Second Life art and photography, physical world and and digital art in what is an engaging and easy-to-appreciate exhibition.

Tarozaemon Rossini is a digital artist whose work has a particular appeal for me, focused as it is on fractal pieces – an artform I’ve long appreciated in both SL and the physical world. A character as colourful as his art, Taro tends to be engaging for his enthusiasm for the genre, and his exhibits never fail to engage – and inform, as he is always careful to provide an exploratory explanation of the world of fractal formation; just check the info display within one of his two display areas.

Kultivate Select, April 2022: Duraya

Penniwit Yearsley is someone whose art I don’t believe I’ve previously encountered in SL. Here she presents images drawn from ancient Rome, celebrating goddess and emperors of the age, all cleverly rendered in a form of digital collages that gives them depth and life.

Throughout the exhibition, Veruca, Hero, Sierra and Hannah present very different but equally captivating images captured around Second Life and avatar studies, some of which have been left as photographs while others have been processed to resemble paintings and all of which demonstrate individual style and presentation.

Kultivate Select, April 2022: Margo Hollak

Duraya and and Margo meanwhile offer two very different styles that joined Taro’s work in attracting me. Duraya presents a set of seven images captured from within Second Life that in terms of subject and post-processing are simply breath-taking in their depth and beauty – each one offering a unique story. Margo’s paintings, meanwhile offer a richness of colour and depth that is as captivating, the pairing of the two as side-by-side displays making them both all the more complimentary in their individual strengths.

Eight artists and eight small displays that collectively make for an engaging exhibition.

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