April at Windlight Gallery in Second Life

Kultivate Windlight Gallery: April 2022

I dropped in Kultivate Magazine’s Windlight Gallery in the week, which is recently opened its April ensemble exhibition and – for the time being – is hosting a long-running exhibition by Elise Sirnah on the upper level. The ensemble exhibition opened on April 10th, with the featured artists listed as Jaime Poutine, Carmelia (captainofmysoul resident), Lucas Tiros, Johannes Huntsman, Tempest Rosca and Veruca Tammas.

Occupying the centre and right sides of the exhibition space, these six present engaging mix of art bringing together avatar studies, SL landscapes and physical world art in a combination that immediately captures the eye. In this, I admit to being particularly drawn to the selection by Lucas Tiros, an artist whose work I don’t think I’ve encountered before (he states he’s been absent SL for a number of years and is now just returning, so that could be the reason why).

Kultivate Windlight Gallery: April 2022 – Lucas Tiros

A professional photographer in the physical world, Lucas here presents ten images in what might be said to be three groups, all of which are utterly absorbing in their content, use of colour, expressiveness and emotion. From portraits through landscape to wildlife, these are ten pieces that carry within them a captivating deep of life and vitality.

While is not to say the work of the other artists is not also worthy of praise and appreciation; all offer much to admire as one come to them, and  – as noted – all six together offer a rich and complimentary mix of art that is guaranteed to please. This is also true of a further group of artists waiting to be found on the left side of the gallery’s lower floor.

Kultivate Windlight Gallery: April 2022

Although not listed on the April exhibition advertising (and so might actually be from an earlier exhibit, and so might be subject to vanishing soon), Jamee Sandalwood, Reya Darkstone, Pam Astonia, Kalina Sands, Anouk Lefavre, Jesie Janick and Vanessa James all – at the time of my visit – added a further engaging mix of SL landscapes and avatar studies.

On the upper level of the gallery (again, as she noted above, at the time of my visit) Kultivate presents The Art of Elise Sinah, a selection of predominantly avatar-focused pieces mostly offered as moments-in-time photographs such as might be found in a personal album.

Kultivate Windlight Art Gallery: Elise Sinah

Some are joyous celebrations of life (Dog Walk, Penalty, Coffee, An Oasis), some are considered studies designed to further engage both the grey matter and the emotions (Head in Clouds, Thoughts, Cling, Friend Hugs) whilst other offer a more personal glimpse of life and desires (and for some might be considered NSFW). All, however, are beautifully lit, framed and post-processed to convey their narrative and depth, demonstrating the eye for balance and nuance that marks Elise’s work as both a photographer and region designer.

Two (or three, depending on your point of view!) exhibitions that are well worth viewing whilst they remain available!

Kultivate Windlight Art Gallery: Elise Sinah

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