Second Life’s Spotlight on … me!

The full banner image from Spotlight, taken in the garden of Isla Myvatn, my island home in SL

I generally try to avoid trumpeting myself in these pages, so I hope folk will forgive me for doing a little tooting of my horn here.

Back at the start of 2022 – January 4th, in fact –  Strawberry Linden extended an e-mail invitation to me to participate in Spotlight, the Lab’s weekly official blog post series that highlights the work and lives of Second Life residents, and which originally kicked-off with Bryn Oh back in November 2021.

I’m not sure what happened – crossed wires, lost e-mail or something else – but the invitation went AWOL somewhere along the way. So I was both pleased and flattered to have the opportunity to participate again, Berry kindly forwarding her original questions to me once more, and inviting me for a photoshoot for the main profile image in the piece.

The finished article appeared on April 13th, 2022, and if you’re so minded, you can read it here. I’d just like to thank Strawberry for the original invite, producing the profile photo, and putting the piece together.


18 thoughts on “Second Life’s Spotlight on … me!

  1. I was hoping you’d be included. Your writing covers a huge chunk of what’s going on the SL, and I used to want you to become an official Linden. Now I’m kind of glad you’re not so you can write about everything you write about.

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  2. Congratulations to Inara to gets a real Second Life Spotlight! I hope I’ll looking forward to make more blog about Second Life Things like Meetings and New Cool SL Features!


  3. It was a very nice post that they wrote and went a long way to knowing who it is that writes these posts that I read almost every day.

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  4. You toot away, Inara. You deserve some tootage!

    Your blog is always my go-to place when I want to visit lovely sims. Even more so than the Destination Guide.

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      1. Oh, and love all the news and insight too, of course. And your opinion pieces. I forgot to mention that.

        Basically, you keep at it and toot away too. And we will toot you also. Toot toot!

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