Ruben’s Art Gallery in Second Life

Ruben’s Art Gallery: Mareea Farrasco – Visiting Salt Lakes of Florence

Following my review of Landscapes – My Personal View, by Alexa Wulfe (Alexa Bouras) – see Alexa’s personal view of Second Life – I was contacted by Ruben (yvan Slade), who offered my an invitation to visit the gallery he operates and curates, and which is currently host to two very different exhibitions.

Ruben’s Art Gallery is located on its own sky platform. The gallery sits within a model, clean concrete structure with two levels and a walled courtyard outside.  Both levels of the gallery offer the same amount of exhibition space and are linked via teleport disks, allowing them to exist as independent display spaces with easy access from one to the other. At the time of my visit the gallery was playing host to exhibitions by Mareea Farrasco and Zia Sophia (Zia Branner).

Ruben’s Art Gallery: Mareea Farrasco – Visiting Salt Lakes of Florence

Visiting Salt Lakes of Florence is a series of twelve images captured by Mareea of Gnaaah Xeltentat’s Florence region, which at the time Mareena capture it lay as a setting inspired by the Salin d’Aigues-Mortes (salts of Aigues-Mortes), Camargue, in the south of France, as interpreted by the talented Iska (sablina), assisted by Tippah.

As I noted in The pink salt lakes Of Florence in Second Life, the region is remarkable in the manner in which it captures the spirit and look of its namesake – and Mareea has fully captured the beauty of the region in these images that have been gently post-processed in order to give them the look and feel of watercolour paintings. Most of the images present the landscape of the region, although several offer a more personal look through the inclusion of Mareea’s avatar (and those of friends / others).

Ruben’s Art Gallery: Zia Sophia

On the upper floor, Zia also presents a total of 12 images, although these are drawn from the physical world, being copies of Zia’s fascinating paintings. Four of them are Zia’s coastal and sea views that have been features in some of her recent SL exhibitions and the remaining eight copies of her natural abstract paintings that are, as ever, rich an form and colour.

Both artists are very different in their choice of art – both are united in their eye for colour, tone, and mood, allowing these two exhibitions to stand individually whilst also richly complimenting one another. And for those who enjoy Zia’s work, a gift can be obtained via the artist’s easel within her exhibit.

Ruben’s Art Gallery: Zia Sophia

I’m not sure how long art displays run for at Ruben’s, but at Mareea’s opened in mid-March, I would recommend visiting sooner rather than later, just in case a case of artist is on the horizon.

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