A return of a Lost Unicorn in Second Life

Lost Unicorn, March 2022 – click any image for full size

I recently received word from Natalie Starlight that she and Nessa Nova have been re-working their Lost Unicorn estate, together with an invite to drop in for a visit.

I just wanted to let you know that we have brought back an all new Lost Unicorn (forest)! Nessa and I both missed the magic of the old sim with the elves, unicorns, mermaids, etc. We’ve added much of that back and are also currently working on a new Storybook area behind the gallery on the other region!
Just thought you might want to stop by when you can and see the changes.

– Natalie Starlight

Lost Unicorn, March 2022

Given how much I’ve enjoyed previous iterations of the Lost Unicorn builds, I made sure to hop over and take a look.

Lost Unicorn has always offered a special delight for me ever since my first visit to it, the gallery and the delightful and the soon to return (as Natalie indicates above) Storybook, some four years ago. A dreamy and mystical elven realm shrouded in mist, the home of fairies, centaurs, unicorns and more, Lost Unicorn has always been a rewarding visit, with much to see, photograph and simply enjoy whilst following the paths and trails that wander through it.

Lost Unicorn, March 2022

With this returning, Natalie and Nessa have fully recaptured all of this richness and beauty found in earlier iterations of the region, and wrapped it all in something new but just as engaging.

From the landing point towards the east of the region, visitors can wander as their moods dictate. Take the path down from it and across the bridge and make your way up to the high castle as it commands a view across the region towards the (under reconstruction at the time of my visit) Lost Unicorn Gallery.

Lost Unicorn, March 2022

Or you can go by way gazebo and path around the base of the peak on which the castle is built with where another bridge spans a gorge to reach a fair elven home and stairs spiral up around the trunks of giant trees and span the air by means of further bridges to again offer a means to reach the high castle, passing by way seats and games a free houses along the way.

Those who find there way down to the valleys and lowlands shaded as they are by the richness of boughs from the forest will find more paths and trails, some in shadow others lit by streamers of sunlight falling through those same boughs, all leading to points of interest and beauty. Some of these – such as the gardens with the piano, ancient walls and sakura blossoms – may be easy to find; other might be more hidden, requiring a trip away from sunlight altogether and into caverns old; still others might be said to hide in plain sight – should you have the eyes to see them.

Lost Unicorn, March 2022

For those who don’t there are experience-based teleport portals waiting to carry visitors directly to points of interest – but again, finding these is all part of the broader experience of discovery. All I will say is that at the feet of bridges, secrets may be found. Nor, in fact does everything necessarily lie either above or below ground.

But the truth is, wherever your feet take you within Lost Unicorn, you will find something to captivate, be in elves, fairies, art, mermaids, centaurs, animals – or simply a place to sit and past the time, listing to the ambient soundscape and perhaps the notes of the piano drifting through the trees.

Lost Unicorn, March 2022

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