Pumpkins: Digital Magic in Second Life

Beckridge Gallery – Pumpkins: Digital Magic

Diamond Marchant recently extended an invitation for me to drop into the latest exhibition at her Beckridge Gallery in Bellisseria to see a fun little exhibition of 3D creations that are a common element for the “Halloween season”: pumpkins and pumpkin lanterns.

Digital Magic is described by Diamond thus:

Fall brings pumpkins. In Second Life that means an endless variety of shapes, sizes, colours, embellishments, and carvings. Some are comforting, some horrifying… yet all are a product of digital magic. The exhibit includes the works of 37 pumpkin creators spanning the last 10 years. … Creators include 22769 Anachron, Andika, Apple Fall, ARIA, Ariskea, AVEC TOI, Candle and Cauldron, CELESTE, Cubura, Dark Secrets, Di’Cor, Dreamscapes Decor, DUST, Dysfunctionality , Fancy Decor, Finishing Touches, GOOSE, JIAN, Kres, LaFrayeur, Lilith’s Den, MudHoney, Organica, Ramen, random.Matter, Sass, Sau, Sepph, Soy, tarte, The Green Door, The Owl, Trompe Loeil, Vespertine, What Next, and Your Dreams.
Beckridge Gallery – Pumpkins: Digital Magic

The result is a house filled with pumpkins large and small, most carved for the season, some painted, some looking more like they may have been imbibing a tipple or two rather than being frightening, and one or two looking like they’ve been inspired by a Tim Burton movie. All are, however, quite endearing to see, and the house has been suitably decorated for the exhibition; such is the detail found within all of them, it is easy to see why this can be classified as an exhibition of 3D art.

While primarily aimed at Halloween, Digital Magic will remain open through until the end of November, potentially reflecting the popularity of pumpkins  – albeit pumpkins that have been more happily decorated or have been used to create a certain pie :).

When visiting, you should set your viewer to midnight to enjoy Digital Magic under the intended lighting (the environment hasn’t been set within the parcel). Otherwise – enjoy!

Beckridge Gallery – Pumpkins: Digital Magic


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