Artfully Yours in Second Life

Artfully Yours

Artfully Yours is the name Sandi Peterson has given to her gallery space in Second Life, where she displays the work of invited artists as well as presenting some of her own 3D artwork.

For June, the gallery presents the work of five artists under the umbrella title The Dynamic Edge, which Sandi defines as:

We live in a world of “edges”. We think of the edge of twilight, at the edge of one’s seat, falling over the edge, or the cutting-edge of an idea. As the price of seashore homes will attest, we love to live on “edges”. The artists in The Dynamic Edge explore different ways that this concept expresses itself: the edges between places, choices, times, and spiritual realms.

The lower floor of the gallery presents a joint exhibition by John (Johannes Huntsman) and Tempest Rosca-Huntsman (Tempest Rosca) entitled Vintage, and which “shows us ‘edges’ of our perceptions of time by showing vintage/antique things viewed through the ever changing modern eye.”

Artfully Yours: Tempest Rosca-Huntsman

Tempest is an accomplished fashion orientated / blogging photographer who has been extending her boundaries and style. Here she presents a series of landscape images from Second Life that, through their subjects, hook directly into the over-arching theme not by focusing on what we might classically regard as “vintage” but by focusing on their evidenced age and careworn existence. Using a rich palette of colour, she adds a depth of warmth to each of them, a warmth that gives them a sense of invitation whilst highlighting their natural beauty that might otherwise pass unnoticed.

John’s pieces focus on what might be called the more “traditional” aspect of “vintage” – the classic car, aeroplane, camera, period costume, etc. But by taking the images and presenting them as paintings, he again adds an depth to each: not only is their subject matter “vintage” the nature of the pieces themselves is suggestive of this was well. He has also captured a sense of dynamic tension in each. This is perhaps most evident in the picture of Spitfire MH434, perhaps one of the most illustrious of that famous aircraft to survive to the modern age, but it can also be found in the other images as well.

Artfully Yours: John Huntsman

Also on the lower floor, Corcosman Voom presents the very understated Interaction, which comes as a practical demonstration that less can often be more. Just six pieces are offered (don’t miss Dragonfly #12 on the far wall of the stairs to the upper floor), but they perfectly reflect the artist’s intent; whilst their considered spacing within the hall where they are displayed, allow us to properly focus on each in turn and consider in terms of the exhibit’s liner notes:

On the theme of interaction, it struck Corcosman from his earliest days in Second Life that as he explored parcels and encountered people in their variety of avatars, the 3D experience was like stepping inside a person’s mind. Everyone had built or purchased things and arranged them in a manner that had some meaning to them.

Artfully Yours: Corcosman Voom

On the upper floor, the two exhibition spaces present Tom Prospero’s Rocks & Water: Interplay of Form and Light and and Sheba Blitz’s Mandalas – Mystical Symbols of the Universe respectively. Although entirely individual displays, they are perhaps also thematically linked beyond the core theme of dynamic edges.

Within his selection, Tom provides uploads of original art he has produced that are very much focused on nature and the “dynamic edge” where ocean and land meet. These are dramatic images (two of them particularly so, given the inclusion of particle scripts), that present the majesty and power of Nature and her ability to use water to sculpt land over the ages, while the richness of colour underline Nature’s implicit beauty through the play of sunlight on clouds, the motion of the sea, the aforementioned sculpting of coastal lands and the simply heartbeat like ebb and flow of the tide.

Artfully Yours: Tom Prospero

Mandalas having many meanings, particularly in eastern mysticism and within the New Age movement. In the latter, they are often seen as metaphysical representations of the cosmos and our relationship to it and infinite that extends through out it, and which exists within each of us.

Sheba’s art is very much as reflection of this: pieces designed to evoke feelings of piece, harmony and oneness. They draw on many of the traditional aspects and symbolism found within mandalas and within the eastern cultures that gave rise to them, whilst also embracing the more New Age aspects of their use. It is also in their reflection of the cosmos that they have the subtle link to Tom’s theme: in the former we have a consideration of Nature and her majesty here on Earth, with Sheba, this idea is expanded to encapsulate the cosmos as a whole, whilst both offer the chance for us to consider the dynamic edge between the lives we lead and both the natural world around us – and the universe in which it sits.

Artfully Yours: Sheba Blitz

Having opened on June 12th, 2020, I’m not sure how much longer Dynamic Edge has to run at the gallery, so a visit sooner rather than later is recommended.

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