A Dream Village in Second Life

**[Dream]** Village, June 2020 – click any image for full size
I received a couple of suggestions from MorganaCarter and Shawn Shakespeare that we should pay a visit to Dolceluna Myoo’s Homestead region **[Dream]** Village. So off we hopped to have a look around, and found it a thoroughly delightfully visit.

The first thing to note about the region is not to let the “Village” of the title fool you; whilst buildings are to be found here, this is not in any way a village style environment; rather it is a open rural space, the buildings scattered across it with plenty of space between them to suggest an untamed place, perhaps sitting on the edge of a more developed location.

**[Dream]** Village, May 2020
The landing point sits to the south, close to a tram line that offers the suggestion that this is an end-of-the-line destination even if the region is surrounded by water. Across the tracks from the terminus is an outdoor events space alongside an old shack. From here, opportunities to explore run in multiple directions, or visitors can opt to hang out and dance on the deck.

**[Dream]** Village, May 2020
Off to the east is the first of the island’s cabins, reached by passing some of the island’s wildlife – bears and deer with seagulls flapping overhead. This is a cosy, aged placed with a makeshift terrace, and a Bohemian interior that’s inviting enough to make one of the region’s cats feel like it is missing out on the comfort, although the geese enjoying the yard outside might disagree; to them the tub of water is far more interesting!

**[Dream]** Village, May 2020
Two large bodies of water cut into the landscape from the east and west, such that the bulk of the low-lying land forms an uppercase “i” in shape.  A further single-storey sits house to the north, a small summer cabin close by. Both are again furnished and offer plenty of opportunities for photography and / or sitting with friends. Horses graze close to the summer house, offering a further reason to tarry here.

More places to sit and pass the time can be found dotted around the setting: chairs and camp sites, swings strung from the boughs of trees, an offshore deck and around the vehicles scattered across the region, such as the old VW camper wagon. For those who fancy something a little different, a hot air balloon sits over  the eastern bay.

**[Dream]** Village, May 2020
There’s a richness of detail to the setting that further brings it to life. As well as wildlife and horses mentioned above, sheep can also be found grazing in places, whilst chickens share the island with the geese. Cats are also much in evidence, some of who form an appreciative audience for one of the poses offered in the region (those wishing to use their pose systems or props van join the local group for rezzing rights).

Ideally suited to a range of environmental settings and with a lot of subtle touches and plenty of details, **[Dream]** Village makes for a visually engaging and restful visit, rich in opportunities for photography and for simple appreciating the scene.

**[Dream]** Village, May 2020

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