Phoenix Artists Collaboration: April update

Holly Kai Park

In March I wrote about the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC) obtaining a new home (in part) at Holly Kai Park. Since then, things have been moving along (including a few changes at the Park!), but as a whole PAC is now moving to a point where it can start hosts exhibitions and events.

Since my last update, PAC has increased its facilities with the addition of a sky platform at Cherished Melody, provided and looked after by the talented Audie Whimsy. This provides space for a further 22 artists in addition to the 28 currently exhibiting at Holly Kai Park, with plenty of room for expansion, should the demand be there.

Cherished Melody

Both locations offer the same facilities to artists – gallery spaces with up to 50 LI per artist for personal use. Units  – as and when available – can be obtained by joining the PAC group in-world (although we are currently full at both locations; new units will be come on-stream in the near future, we just need time to breathe!), and there is no rental fee associated with unit use.

Units can be decorated however artists wish (although we request no temp rezzing and particle effects are kept to a minimum). Artists can also arrange and promote their own mini-exhibitions and advertise them through the PAC group and website.

Holly Kai Park

Planning is about to commence on the first of the PAC group exhibitions, which will also likely serve as the formal opening events for PAC activities at both Holly Kai Park and Cherished Melody. We’re also mulling options for group social events, and details of these will be announced through both the PAC in-world group and the new website.

Members who use Discord can also track activities, join / create discussions about art, SL and whatever else that suits them through our Discord server. All that’s asked is that conversations are kept polite, topics keep a focus on art (physical world or SL) and Second Life, and that the server isn’t used for spamming others. You can join the server (and create a Discord account, if required) via the link here, or via any of our Discord Server stands located at both Cherished Melody and Holly Kai Park.

Cherished Melody

Rather than information on PAC being confined to the Holly Kai Park website, a separate web presence for the group is being put together. While this is still very much under construction, but it can be found at, where information on PAC, the PAC locations and current artists using PAC facilities can be found. In time, the website will also promote PAC events, host a blog on activities, exhibitions, artists and more, and more as we think of it!

There’s still some work to be done (notably with the website as indicated), with some nips and tucks going on at the two locations – so please forgive and sawdust, construction signs or bits that seem to be missing in the need few days. However, for those who do fancy a visit, feel free to drop into either or both locations.

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration website

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