Lab blogs on experience scripts issue fix / workaround

Update, September 11th, 2019: The fixes for this issue have been deployed to regions on the LeTigre and Magnum RC channels in server deployment 2019-09-06T22:03:53.530715. Those wishing to test the fixes, and whose regions / experiences are not on either of these channels can file a support ticket to have their region moved. Use Help > About in the viewer to check the simulator version number running for your experience.

In my last few Simulator User Group (SUG) meeting updates, I’ve references issues being encountered by experience creators since a recent server-side deployment.

In short, in the last couple of weeks, any scripts compiled to an experience have failed to recompile. The finger had been pointed at server deployment being at fault.

However, the Lab has been engaged in fault-finding and attempts at rectifying the problem, and their work has revealed that the fault does not lie with any particularly server release, as an official blog post issued on Thursday, September 5th explains:

We have traced the problem to a loss of data in one of our internal systems. 

This data loss was due to human error rather than any change to server software. Why do we think this is good news? Because we can now easily prevent it from happening in the future. 

We have engaged in a first pass of recovery efforts which have yielded the restoration of the experience association for a number of scripts, and we are testing a server-based fix which will automatically correct most others. That fix is working its way through QA, and we will highlight this in the server release notes when it becomes available.

For those who have been impacted by the issue, the blog provides a set of step to take to correct matters should they not wish to wait for the back-end fix:

  1. Open the script in an object in-world or attached to you .
  2. Make sure the bottom widgets have your experience selected.
  3. Save.

These step should be enough to get experience enabled scripts running again.