Isadora and Morlita at Diotima Gallery

Diotima Art Gallery: Light in the Labyrinth

Currently on display at Diotima Art Gallery curated by Redi (Red Bikcin), is a shared exhibition of art by Isadora Alaya (Otcoc) and Morlita Quan. While very different in form, the two exhibitions are perhaps drawn together through something of an abstract edge to each of them.

Located in the front part of the gallery space, Isadora present 14 images under the title Light in the Labyrinth. These offer a mix of themes – landscapes, images of art in SL, avatar studies – all of which are joined by a use of colour that tend to set them apart from the more “usual” style of landscape or avatar study we’re all perhaps familiar with. This gives some of them the “abstract” edge to which I refer.

Diotima Art Gallery: Light in the Labyrinth

It really is this use of colour that makes these pieces striking. I particularly found myself drawn to Savannah Flow and Tell You What’s Lost. The former is a glorious piece in tone, lighting and depth that brings the elephant to life in a most fascinating way. The latter, meanwhile, presents in both image and title a perfect reflection of one of SL’s most original regions,  Whats Lost Spirits (about which you can read more here).

With pieces like these and the stunning monochrome Powder Drift (Night Before Zazenkai), Isadora’s Light in the Labyrinth is an absorbing display of art.

Diotima Art Gallery: Morlita Quan – Dissonances

For Dissonances, Morlita Quan contrasts her images to those of Isadora by presenting them within a white space that sits opposite of the dark setting for Light in the Labyrinth. In doing so, she draws a subtle link of connection between the  two exhibits.

I’ve long been an admirer of Mori’s beautifully fluid and organic abstracts, and the twelve pieces offered here fully demonstrate both the organic and abstract look and texture to her work. Abstract the images may be, but the influence and inspiration of nature is evident within each piece presented here, the majority of which lean towards monochrome, while those incorporating colour do so in a soft, subtle and – dare I repeat it again – organic manner. The fluidity of the pieces is largely self-evident; several of the pieces are liquid in their form, and this is further added to by the wave-like animation evident in the floor.

Diotima Art Gallery: Morlita Quan – Dissonances

The choice of title for this exhibit is interesting. Dissonance means a discordant combination of sounds or a lack of agreement. Yet within these pieces there is a harmony waiting to be found. Yes, on first look, the pieces – particularly the two laying on the end wall of the hall – may seem jarring; however, the very nature of these pieces, the intricate curves and patterns of circles tends to wash any sense of discord to one side.

Together, Light in the Labyrinth and Dissonances made for a worthwhile shared exhibition and visit.

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  1. This makes me feel nostalgic for the time when Morli exhibited at my OrCafé. That was exactly … loooong ago. 😉


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