Kiss Like A Blow: a story in art and words

Kiss Like a Blow

Storie’s Helendale (GlitterPrincess Destiny) has a reputation for producing thought-provoking installations that often combine narrative and art. Such is the case with Kiss Like a Blow, which opened at the Black Label Exhibitions Centre on Saturday, February 9th, 2019.

Reaching the installation is a two-step process: take the teleport sphere from the gallery’s landing area up to the introductory area, where some essential information on the installation can be found – and should be read. Once done, a second teleport sphere will carry you up to the installation proper.

This project was done in regards to No Violence by 2lei … Only I chose to do my own Story, my way. A strange love story, somewhat – twisted. Is this your story?

– Storie’s Helendale, discussing Kiss Like A Blow

Kiss Like a Blow

This takes the form of a house sitting within a winter setting – and given the focus of the installation, I would say this winter setting is intentional, as the coldness reflects the core of the story. Within this house are five rooms and six diaries. On the walls of each of the rooms are pictures that tell the story of what should be the happiest day in the lives of two people in love, a story reflected in the diaries.

The latter are to be found throughout the house, at least one per room. Some are hidden in plain sight, others will need to be found. The story they reveal is written from the perspective of the female half of the couple. As Storie’s hints, this is not the usual tale of a couple in love – but it is a story thousands of women will recognise, and one so unfortunately often the subject of news reports.

At 2lei and One Billion Rising (which will once again be taking place in Second Life on Thursday, 14th February 2019), the vast majority of violence against women and girl is of a domestic nature perpetrated by loved one, be they a spouse, a partner, a parent or a relative.

Kiss Like a Blow

Women caught in these situations are often unable to break out of a cycle of love and violence. It is a harrowing, heartbreaking situation; one in which physical blows are seen by the victim the equivalent of kisses, and  manipulation viewed as an expression of love; where the emotional need for love and affection overrules the instinct for self-preservation.

All of this is reflected within Kiss Like A Blow, offered both as a means to bring the plight of so many women into the light – and perhaps a means of holding a mirror to those who might be all too familiar with the story through their own lives, and by doing so, perhaps encourage them take steps to end their own cycle. Hence Storie’s comment: Is this your story?

It’s a dark subject, but one handled with care and concern for the subject by Storie’s. The narrative is presented in blank verse, the images intentionally stepped away from pictures of overt violence – something that makes Kiss Like A Blow a poignant installation.

Kiss Like a Blow

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7 thoughts on “Kiss Like A Blow: a story in art and words

  1. What amazes me about this compelling and heart wrenching story, is that is really shows the love, devotion and heartache of the main protagonist -giving us some insight into what a victim of this abuse is feeling, from her point of view, always hoping that it would go back to the way things were in the beginning. We know how it ends.
    I used to work in a hospital, dealing with patients confidential information. (I will leave their real life names out of course). One story I came across was an elderly married couple, both in their middle 80’s. The wife came into Accident and Emergency with a black eye and bruises on her face and body. The doctors checked to see if any bones were broken. Thankfully, non were this time round. It became clear that it had been caused by her husband beating her. I actually saw when they both left the hospital, the way he spoke to his wife was vile. In vehement and harsh words, trying not to push her, as he lead her out the hospital. It was so disgraceful. It built up a picture of a lifetime of abuse that this poor woman had suffered. She looked like her spirit was broken, barely present within her own mind. You would think that the doctors would have reported this to the police or elderly social care right? That’s what I would have done. But then it dawned on me, that the husband potentially threatened his wife not to them the truth of what happened other wise she would pay dearly for it. They were well known to the hospital as they came in every other month or so because of the husband constantly beating her.
    I felt so helpless as I watched from a far, as they walked out the ward door.
    It is so easy to say and to speculate as to why was she was still with him? Why she kept putting up with it for all those years? As KIss Like a Blow will show you, that, in an abusive relationship like that, It is not so easy. Especially if love is involved.
    Storie needs more recognition!!! Everybody should experience this story at least once. Brilliant and thought provoking work.
    It certainly opened my mind.

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  2. xenchantrax , 1st I wanted to thank you for coming as usually somehow you always appear 🙂
    This story you told right here -is heart wrenching so much it twisted my heart
    visions inside my head…
    Sometimes there is nothing we can do… ‘true’
    somehow we are totally helpless and I see you kept this in your memory well ‘

    Somehow we need to report an abuse if we see or feel it to be true …
    and I know its a hard call 🙂
    Once I called the police on neighbors…
    ….I heard banging on the walls
    ….and I heard a girl say ” Someone help me he’s going to kill me !
    “Well, I called the police and you know what happened?
    The girl Screamed out to me ” This is not you business!!!! nothing has happened you bitch!
    would I do it again ?
    answer is = Yes I would

    Thank you so much xenchantrax for sharing this story (real) here with us*
    and always for your Support*
    hugs ~ Storie’s


  3. Enchanted by this lovely journey through the woman soul: the magic of visual and of words embrace you for a complete, immersive experience.


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