A return to Rainbow Painters in Second Life

Rainbow Painters Art Gallery

In September 2018, I wrote about the Rainbow Painters Art Gallery. Curated by Timo Dumpling and Patience Dumpling (patience Roxley), the gallery offers free space to artists both new to exhibiting their work in Second Life and those who are established on the exhibition circuit.

The open nature of the gallery means that it presents a broad range of art, both from within Second Life and from the physical world, with the Second Life art encompassing both 2D and 3D work.

Rainbow Painters: Pure Lovee

At the time of my second visit, the gallery featured another broad spectrum of art, including 3D work of reycharles, the physical world art of Moya Patrick (Moya Janus – actually French artist Patrick Moya), the physical world photography of Black Rose, the marvellous mixed-media portraiture of Cybele Moon (hana Hoobinoo), the fabulous nature photography of Anibrm Jung, the surreal art of Tani Thor, and Monroe Snook, displaying some of her fractal art.

These artists alone make a trip to the gallery, however, they are also joined by a number of artists I’ve not previously encountered, and their work adds further depth to a visit.

Rainbow Painters: Gwen Enchanted and Boog (Merry Gynoid)

There is the fascinating physical world art of Pure Lovee, for example, or the line drawings of Viktor Savior (which includes a stunning portrait of David Bowie), to name but two of the talents on display. Of them all, I confess to being particularly drawn to the two pieces offered by Siobhán Muintir (Qorell); taken from within Second Life, they are in a world, beautiful.

Those wishing to add their art to that being displayed at Rainbow Painters should contact either Timo or  Patience in-world. As I noted in September, the gallery shares a quarter-region with an open-air games area (table games and 10-pin bowling) and dance / events space. Join the local Rainbow Painters group for details of local events.

Rainbow Painters: Reycharles

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