Rainbow Painters in Second Life

Rainbow Painters

Rainbow Painters is an art gallery curated by Timo Dumpling and Patience Dumpling (patience Roxley). Described as “an art gallery for the new artist in SL … a place to show off your skill at no cost to you”, it is in fact open to artists “old” and “new”, with an open invitation for them to contact the curators about displaying their images within the gallery.

Located on a quarter region, the gallery shares its space with an open-air games area (table games and 10-pin bowling) and dance / events space. Within the gallery building, artists are offered a modest amount of wall space in which to display their art – but which is more than enough for visitors to gain an appreciation of their work. There do not appear to be any restrictions on the nature of the art, so long is it is in keeping with the SL Terms of Service / Community Standards, and meets the region’s maturity rating.

Rainbow Painters

At the time of our visit, the list of artists included Jaime Poutine, BittsyBoo, Mistero HifengRage Darkstone, JolieElle Parfort, Xirana Oximoxi, Siobhán Muintir (Qorell),  Fuyuko Amano (Wintergeist) and Callum Writer, to name but a handful of those displaying their work.

The range of art is as broad as the list of artists, featuring images captured both in-world and original art uploaded to Second Life. In what I take to be a respect for the gallery’s title, many of the in-world images offered had been processed to give the impression of being painted, while the uploaded art covered photography through a variety of painting styles. One of these, by an artist from Sri lanka (and provided by Asmita Duranjaya) particularly caught my eye for it modern take on traditional stylised paintings I’ve seen first-hand when visiting that country.

Rainbow Painters

Second Life landscapes  – my preferred form of SL art – were much on display during our visit, but I confess to being particularly drawn to Siobhán Muintir’s display, which featured three avatar studies quite powerful in their depth and presentation (two are shown above), displayed with an image again processed to appear as if painted, and which offers a further captivating view of the model, but in a broader setting.

3D artists need not feel left out, either. The gallery provides space for small displays of 3D art. Mistero Hifeng, for example had a sculpture displayed alongside his 2D art, while Asmita Duranjaya and Faith Maxwell were both displaying their 3D sculptures.

Rainbow Painters

All told, an interesting venue offering space to artists old and new – and a chance for visitors to discover the work of people they might not yet have encountered in SL.

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