Steampunk, Victorian role-play and waffles

Seanchai Library

It’s time to highlight another week of storytelling in Voice by the staff and volunteers at the Seanchai Library. As always, all times SLT, and events are held at the Library’s home at Holly Kai Park, unless otherwise indicated.

Sunday, November 25th, 18:00 Magicland Storytime

With Caledonia Skytower at the Golden Horseshoe.

Monday, November 26th 19:00: The Legend of the Engineer

Industralia is a country some might recognise – a mix of Victorian England and the American Midwest thrown in, with just a touch of Australia. It’s a place where steam power is the modern wonder, while the mode of dress is, like the setting, decidedly Victorian – not that the locals call it thus. 

What is decidedly not Victorian, however, is the common use of mechanical human-shaped creations, called tikkerbots, to complete most menial tasks, or the airships that regularly pass overhead while mail is delivered by a pneumatic postal systems. It is a place we in this world would call “Steampunk”.

On the coast of Industralia lies the city port of Steamkettle Bay. It is home to Letitica and Gerard Liddle. Gerard is a talented inventor who has achieved a modest level of success with his practical yet whimsical household inventions. His wife Letitica is a very short, energetic woman who has a habit of mixing up her words. Together with their neighbours, the Liddles are preparing to celebrate the incoming new year – 1883. Why not join them?

Tuesday, November 27th

19:00: Urchin Preview Day – The Dickens Project

The Dickens Project once again opens its doors on Friday, November 30th. Ahead of that, on Tuesday, November 27th, visitors can gain a preview of this year’s event – through the eyes, a Victorian street urchin.

This HUD-based game combines elements of a hunt with free form (and optional) role play, together with an invitation to create (and share) your story. An urchin avatar is not required to play, but definitely encouraged. When you pick the game HUD within The Dickens Project, you’ll receive  suggestions on how to set up a low cost urchin “outfit.”

The Dickens Project 2018

As a poor urchin, you need food and money. The grocers, the bakers, the butchers all have food. Can you buy some? Maybe steal some? You might see the gleam of coins on the street. Can you pick those up?  If you ring a shop bell, the owner might have a job for you. Maybe down on the mudflats, treasure might be hiding.

Read the game play page for more. As an urchin, players are encouraged to interact with others in character, if they respond in kind, then role-play as you wish – see the role-play page for help and ideas. Afterwards, you can have the opportunity to write about your experience through a story that can be shared in a special reading event in Second Life.

Aoife Lorefield will be available at The Dickens Project throughout the day (North American daylight hours) to show interested urchin-ages around, answer questions, and share information concerning the event and The Dickens Project.

19:00: Everything on a Waffle

In the small Canadian town of Coal Harbour, in a quaint restaurant called The Girl on the Red Swing, everything comes on a waffle–lasagna, fish, you name it. Even waffles!

Eleven-year-old Primrose Squarp loves this homey place.She a young girl who could use a little extra attention; her parents were lost at sea and believed to be dead, and while her Uncle Jack tries his best to care for her, doesn’t have a lot of free time, and the guardian he hires to look out for Primose is so old, child welfare isn’t foremost on her mind. Similarly, the school councillor is far more interested in listing her own concerns and telling her own tales to actually listen. All-in-all Nobody knows what exactly to think of young Primrose, and Primrose doesn’t quite know what to make of her small community, either.

So Kate Bowzer, the owner of The Girl on the Red Swing takes Primrose under her wing. She teaches  her how to cook, doesn’t patronise or chastise her, even when she puts her guinea pig too close to the oven and it catches fire. And so Primrose, in her own perceptive way, develops wisdom beyond her years and a belief system we could all do well to adopt – including the idea that hope is not crazy.

Join Faerie Maven-Pralou as she reads Polly Horvath’s 2002 Newbery Honor winner.

Wednesday, November 28th 19:00: The Quilters

With Caledonia Skytower.

Thursday, November 29th

19:00: Leiningen vs The Ants

Shandon Loring reads Carl Stephenson‘s short story about a stubborn coffee plantation owner in Brazil who refuses to evacuate his family and staff when faced with a vicious, deadly army of ants – regarded as “an act of God”, as they ravage and destroy everything before them – and the plantation lies directly in their path. Also presented in Kitely (hop://

21:00: Seanchai Late Night

Contemporary science fiction and fantasy with Finn Zeddmore.

Friday, November 30th 21:00: The Dickens Project Opens

Idle Rogue Productions presents: Guerilla Burlesque – pre-show seating at 21:00, music and dancing after the performance from 23:00.

I’ll be previewing this year’s Dickens Project closer to the opening.


Please check with the Seanchai Library’s blog for updates and for additions or changes to the week’s schedule.