Return to a Meadow Rose in Second Life

Meadow Rose; Inara Pey, October 2018, on FlickrMeadow Rose – click any image for full size

It’s been almost 18 months since my last visit to Meadow Rose, the evocative region designed by Rye Falmer. A lot has happened since then, so a return visit has been on the cards for some time.

The biggest change is that Meadow Rose has relocated. Rye had time away from SL, so the move may have been necessitated by that, but it has given him the opportunity to expand the estate with a second Homestead region directly adjoining it, which he calls Meadow Rose Glen. Surrounded by tall off-sim mountains, and with sandy roads and tracks, both Meadow Rose and Meadow Rose Glen offer a charming, beautifully landscaped setting that will easily please the eye and camera and offer the heart a touch of romance.

Meadow Rose; Inara Pey, October 2018, on FlickrMeadow Rose

There is much about the “new” Meadow Rose that draws upon previous incarnations that make a return visit as much a delight as a first-time discovery. Like returning to a place in which happy times were once spent, the region includes elements from past builds that stir memories and give a warm feeling of familiarity, even while the overall layout of the expanded estate offers much more than was previously the case.

This is perhaps most noticeable with the main dwellings within the region. Taking a distinct Tudor lean, they perhaps initially suggest a period setting. However – as I noted when writing about my previous visit to Meadow Rose, there is more than enough evidence surrounding them to make it clear that while the buildings are period, the setting is modern.

Meadow Rose; Inara Pey, October 2018, on FlickrMeadow Rose

Meadow Rose is also a place that is distinctly Adult in theme. D/s / BDSM is part of the estate’s offerings, although by-and-large this is not so in-yer-face as to put the sensitive off. Rather the reverse, in fact: with one or two exceptions, most of the Adult aspects of social interaction here and safely tucked out-of-sight, such as in the cellars beneath the manor house.

There are other elements here that remind those who recall Meadow Rose in its previous incarnation: the deer roaming among the wild flowers, the chapel, the castle ruins, the Romany cap and the stables. Although it should be pointed out that the latter now are part of the more adult nature of the region, offering a place where equestrian activities can be enjoyed without the use of ponies of the four-legged variety.

Meadow Rose; Inara Pey, October 2018, on FlickrMeadow Rose

Water played a significant role with prior designs for Meadow Rose, and this is perfectly reflected – and expanded upon here, with both Meadow Rose and Meadow Rose Glen encompassing natural inland water features whilst Meadow Rose  also includes a little coastal mooring area and boatyard. Meadow Rose Glen, meanwhile offers a counter to the old castle ruins, an intact castle setting (which again has some D/s / BDSM undertones).

Exploring the estate really is a case of arriving and then following the dusty roads and seeing where they lead. There’s no risk of getting lost, and the roadways are laid out in such a way as to carry the visitor right around and through the estate, revealing all the little touches, all the settings, all the places for sitting, dancing and romancing along the way.

Meadow Rose; Inara Pey, October 2018, on FlickrMeadow Rose

Back when I last wrote about Meadow Rose, I mentioned that one of the most striking aspects of the design was that it felt like a visit to one of the grand estates managed by the National Trust here in the UK, noting:

That is, lands held for generations by a family, bearing all the hallmarks of their long ownership during which the passing of time gave rise to different forms of house – castle to manor, for example – but which are now maintained for the wider appreciation of the general public, their gates and doors open to visitors to enjoy them in their natural splendour.

With the estate now expanded across two regions, this is perhaps even more true with it today; there is very much as feeling that This is the setting long occupied by a landed family that may have started life here in what are now the ruins of an old castle guarding the waters leading into the bay in which the island sits before moving eastwards to the slightly higher ground where the more imposing bulk of the intact castle lies, before moving back to the centre of the land to build the grand manor house – and then spreading outward from there as the generations passed.

Meadow Rose; Inara Pey, October 2018, on FlickrMeadow Rose

Impressive in its design, appealing in its beauty, expansive in its size, Meadow Rose is a treasure to visit. Should you enjoy your visit as much as I did, please consider making a donation towards the estate’s continuance in Second Life, and perhaps also consider contributing photos to the estate’s Flickr group.

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