The art of Milly Sharple at Holly Kai Park

Holly Kai Park: Milly Sharple

I have long been an admirer of Milly Sharple’s art, and so I’m absolutely delighted to be welcoming her to Holly Kai Park Gallery for an extensive exhibition of her work starting at 15:00 SLT on Sunday, October 28th, 2018 and running through until Saturday, November 24th, 2018.

Milly is perhaps best known for her fractal art, beautiful pieces she produces using Apophysis, software she prefers to use as it allows the creation of soft, flowing, liquid effects that can allow her work to stand well apart from other, more rigidly geometric fractal art in Second Life. What may not be so well-known is that Milly was perhaps one of the pioneers in bringing fractal art into Second Life – although her initial attempts to do so met with some resistance.

I had no idea there was an art community here. But when I discovered it, I became really excited about it! Naturally, my thoughts turned to showing my own work in Second Life, and I made some enquiries only to be met with negative responses, that such are was not “suitable” for SL and was even told fractal art was not “real” art…

– Milly Sharple, discussing her art and Second Life

Holly Kai Gallery: Milly Sharple

Fortunately Milly who has seen her “not real art” fractals used on book covers, CD cover art and even on the cards issued by an Indonesian bank to their customers, as well as selling privately around the globe – did not take the negative feedback to heart. Instead, she established her own modest gallery on her own land, and within 12 months she had received multiple invitations to exhibition her work across Second Life, such was the positive response people had to seeing her work.

Becoming more deeply immersed in the Second Life art community, Milly sought to support that community by establishing Timamoon Arts, a place where artists – especially those new to art in SL or who were using the platform to express themselves through art – could find a gallery home and like minds. Over four years, through until 2017, Milly grew Timamoon into a successful and popular art communities, hosting a rich diversity of artists and exhibitions.

Holly Kai Gallery: Milly Sharple

While her fractal art is perhaps the most well-known, it is not the only art Milly produces; she also works with mixed media, creating art that is both incredibly intricate and stunningly beautiful. The use of colour, coupled with the almost etching-like finish to many of the pieces brings them to life in a remarkable way. Whether floral representations, animal studies or pieces with a more fantasy edge, or presenting an image such as a portrait through the use of fractals, these pieces are utterly captivating.

Second Life has also allowed Milly to turn her hand to 3D art, producing pieces that are both practical as well as art forms, such as her hand chairs; or which is exquisite artistic statements, as with her Humanitree pieces. We’re pleased to have examples of both included within the exhibition at Holly Kai. Nor does it end there; Milly has also justly won praise for her region landscaping, notably with her winter-themed Let It Snow! designs, which she is hoping to continue in 2018.

Holly Park Gallery: Milly Sharple

Multi-talented, with a photographer’s eye for art and design, Milly presents art that is always visually captivating, and it is both an honour and delight that she accepted our invitation to exhibit at Holly Kai Gallery. To mark the opening, we will be hosting an event at the rooftop area of the Holly Kai Gallery from 15:00 SLT on Sunday, October 28th, 2018, with music provided by Joy Canadeo, and warmly invite friends of Milly, the Park and this blog, as well as all lovers of art, to attend. Formal / semi-formal dress preferred.

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Holly Kai Estates is rated Moderate.

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