Blip Mumfuzz at Black Label in Second Life

Blip Mumfuzz: Photographs

Now open at the Black Label gallery is a new exhibition of art by Blip Mumfuzz.  Located in a sky gallery area reached via teleport from the gallery’s landing point, the exhibition can be found both indoors and out, within a large warehouse-like building in keeping with the gallery’s ground level facilities, on its outside walls and across the street. Also note that one of the “backdrops” to the setting is also one of Blip’s pieces.

Blip’s photography started as a means of recording her travels through Second Life in order to help her revisit them through memory. However, as she states in her liner notes for the exhibition, the focus of Blip’s images gradually shifted from capturing settings to capturing individual scenes or objects. In doing so, she started looking at potential subject from a variety of angles – and even as spaces between them to discover the stories they might offer.

Blip Mumfuzz: Photographs

I found that once I found saw something interesting I’d start moving the camera around. Looking over and under, behind and between. I began looking less at the things themselves…but at the visual and spatial relationships between things.

I am an improviser by nature…in life and in my art. My images are typically the result of an unplanned, spontaneous interaction with my environment. Some of the images in this exhibit, however, are more narrative.

– Blip Mumfuzz discussing her art

Blip Mumfuzz: Photographs

All of this is reflected throughout this exhibition, which Blip has opted to simply call Photographs.  Several are what might be called “conventional” images of places Blip has been: Ashemi Reprise, Keleland, Takeuti Town; while others are beautiful abstraction on locations, such as Kekeland Abstract 9, The Last Forever, BL Abstract and Drapes, to name but three.

It is these latter style of image, coupled with Blip’s vibrant use of colour, that perhaps tend to grab the observer’s attention, drawing the eye into them through the richness of colour and unusual perspective.  These show their location through an unusual perspective or offer a remarkable perception of space through their panoramic presentation, marking them as attention-taking pieces. However, among the bright paintings are a number that are more muted, their softer tones contrasting strongly with the bolder pieces. This gives the exhibition an added layering of effect; it is as if the brighter images are the loud extroverts at a gathering, demanding their presence is witnessed and their story heard. Meanwhile the softer toned images scattered among them come across as the introverts; they try to pass unnoticed, content to allow the other make all the noise – but their story is no less compelling when heard.

Blip Mumfuzz: Photographs

I’m not actually clear on when the exhibition closes; I assume it will be around mid-November, given it opened on October 13th. However, I do recommend taking the time to see it before then.

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Blip Mumfuzz at Black Label Gallery (Eternal Posession, rated; Moderate)


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